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afflux-listener Listener client for afflux

afflux-logger Logger client for afflux

afflux-server afflux-server.js is a server log message that dispatch log messages to differents storage with the help of a router.

aflux Logger client for logman

axon-callback Axon with callback stack

axon-msgpack Axon msgpack codec

axon-priority priority module for axon

axon-rpc RPC for axon

beacon assign ports for you net services.

bunyan-axon axon transport for bunyan logs

cloud-switch Switchboard for cloud

kurunt Real-time processing of streaming data at any scale.

ngn-axon-rpc RPC for axon. Modified for NGN.

pdfer-job-collector Collect results of pdfer worker jobs

pdfer-job-pusher Push new pdf extract jobs out to workers

tallship-manifest High availability service management - a list of the cargo carried by a ship, made for the use of various agents and officials at the ports of destination.

winston-axon A message oriented transport for Winston based on axon

yal Yet-Another-Logger that pushes logs to log servers with axon to delegate network overhead

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