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acs-login-url Generate login url for Windows Azure ACS

adal-node Windows Azure Active Directory Client Library for node

azure Windows Azure Client Library for node

azure-cli Windows Azure Cross Platform Command Line tool

azure-common Windows Azure Common Client Library for node

azure-completion Completion for Windows Azure CLI tool.

azure-gallery Microsoft Azure Gallery Client Library for node

azure-metrics Windows Azure Storage Metrics Client Library for NodeJS

azure-metrics-for-node Windows Azure Storage Metrics Client Library for NodeJS

azure-mgmt Windows Azure Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-compute Windows Azure Compute Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-resource Microsoft Azure Resource Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-sb Windows Azure Service Bus Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-sql Windows Azure SQL Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-storage Windows Azure Storage Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-store Windows Azure Store Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-subscription Windows Azure Subscription Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-vnet Windows Azure Virtual Network Management Client Library for node

azure-mgmt-website Windows Azure WebSite Management Client Library for node

azure-publishsettings-parser A node.js utility to parse the Windows Azure publishsettings file, and create ServiceManagementService objects to work with the Azure Service Management API.

azure-queue adapts an event based non-polling listener for azure storage queues

azure-sas Azure Shared Access Signature generation.

azure-scripty Azure automation made easy

azure-table-node Azure Table Storage client using JSON on the wire

azure-tables-promises Turns the Azure Tables Node.js API into promises

azure-tablestorage-jugglingdb azure table storage adapter for jugglingdb ORM

azure-uploader Tool for multithreaded, recursive uploading and gzipping of all files inside a given directory

azureleveldown An implementation of LevelDown for Windows Azure Table Storage

azuremobile-leaderboard Azure Mobile Services Leaderboard Recipe

azuremobile-recipe Azure Mobile Services Recipe Core Module

azuretablebackup Command line tool to backup Windows Azure Table Storage

bluesky A node.js library for accessing Azure services

connect-bluesky Windows Azure session store for connect/express backed by the bluesky API

cx Cloud transfer utility: for transfering files/blobs to and from the cloud.

dhtmlplus DHTMLPlus is a HTML Template Framework built for nodeJS. It supports Azure and Standalone sites. It is designed to support as many websites as you need on a single listener.

dre A NodeJS library for a fast and easy way of accessing Windows Azure Table Storage.

express-session-azure Node.js express session store provider for Windows Azure table storage

fogjs FogJS brings the cloud down to earth by providing abstraction that make it easier to interact with the Azure APIs in Node.js applications.

git-azure Git-deploy multiple node.js apps to Azure Worker Role from MacOS in seconds

grunt-azureblob grunt task to copy html assets to azure blob/cdn storage

kuduexec Tool providing a way to execute commands on your Azure Website

kuduscript Tool for generating deployment scripts for Azure Websites

kudusync Tool for syncing files for deployment, will only copy changed files and delete files that doesn't exists in the destination but only if they were part of the previous deployment.

msnodesql Microsoft Driver for Node.js for SQL Server

node-rdw NodeJS module to access the RDW Database, searching for Dutch license plate info

node-sqlserver Microsoft Driver for Node.js for SQL Server

node-sqlserver-unofficial Unofficial binary distribution of the msnodesql package.

node-swt A library to validate and parse swt tokens

node-waad query windows azure active directory

node-wsfederation An ws-federation implementation for node.js

passport-azure-oauth Azure OAuth2 strategy für Passport and node.js

passport-azure-store Passport strategy for Windows Azure store SSO

passport-wsfed-saml2 SAML2 Protocol and WS-Fed library

passport-wsfed-saml2-inlinexmlcrypto WS-federation with SAML 2 and 1.1 tokens for Passport (used on Microsoft products like Windows Azure Active Directory / Access Control Service and ADFS).

pkgcloud An infrastructure-as-a-service agnostic cloud library for node.js

pushtocontainer tool to push files into Windows Azure blob storage

put-blob put file to azure blob storage

qpid A native wrapper around Apache Qpid, specifically the AMQP 1.0 Proton C API store that connects to Windows Azure Service Bus

swt A library to validate and parse swt tokens

tuneup Give your Azure Website a tune up to run any node or npm version

waz-storage-js Windows Azure Storage library for Node JS

wazproxy an HTTP proxy that automatically signs Windows Azure storage requests

windows-azure-url-signer Module to sign urls to allow access to the private blobs in windows azure

winston-skywriter A Windows Azure table storage transport for winston

yaml-config-azure Manage your node.js app configuration based on NODE_ENV, all configuration defined in yaml and stored in Windows Azure blob storage

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