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ariadne A node.js frontend wrapper for Thrift backends.

baas Node Back-end as a service. A permissions level server-side data store with a RESTful API.

backend-server Backend

bauhausjs A modular CMS for Node.js

clever-auth-google CleverStack authentication with Google services

clever-csv CleverStack CSV processing

clever-orm Clevertech ORM (SQL) Module for CleverStack

clever-upload-backend CleverStack file uploading and management

cloudmine CloudMine JavaScript library for node and browsers

e2e-transaction-logger Transaction log interface

end a Realtime BaaS like Firebase by and MongoDB

git-http-backend serve a git repository over http

knockout-sync A small backend using knockout mapping to sync entities with a RESTful Backend

loopback LoopBack: Open Mobile Platform for Node.js

memo Sophisticated function memoization

parsen Node.js + Parse

respizer A backend tool that resizes a directory of images according to configured breakpoints whilst generating Responsive I

sails-generate-backend Generate a backend for Sails.

statemachines Deterministic and Nondeterministic Finite State Machines for JavaScript. The backend for my regex library.

statsd-cloudwatch-backend A StatsD backend for Amazon's AWS CloudWatch.

statsd-udpkv-backend A StatsD backend for simple udp receivers, such as Splunk.

troopclient Client component for troop style backend svc

uncharted Server side highcharts charting library

unpm-fs-backend static file backend for unpm json data

userific-server A restful api server to manage users in your application. The server can be used with any userfic backends.

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