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akeebabackup NodeJS npm module for AkeebaBackup JSON APIs

albumkit Tool to download Picasa web albums.

azuretablebackup Command line tool to backup Windows Azure Table Storage

backer Distributed backup / file mirroring tool

backtape A doctape client for the truly paranoid.

backup Web Site backup & restore

backuptweets Back up your Twitter tweets with Node.js without oAuth

butterup Backup tool using rsync and the btrfs snapshot feature.

cronbackup Nuxeo Content Management System cron backup application Awesome S3 backed picture backup and browser

dir-backup Backup and restore a directory (recursively) in .tar.gz format

dirkeeper Prune a directory to contain a set number of sub-directories, retention policy is recency

dumpstr mongodumps directly to s3, does not pass go, does not create dump locally and then upload. streams and pipes all the way.

ec2-backup Easy backup your EC2 instances

flickr-backup Recursively backs up photos to Flickr (with history/state to prevent the same photos from being uploaded again)

flickr-sync Deprecated. Use flickr-with-uploads instead.

flickr-with-uploads Flickr API with OAuth 1.0A and uploads

gmail An API for fetching mail from

gmail-safe Intelligent backup client for GMail.

grunt-backup Make backups using grunt

heirloom Backup your family photos (or any file) efficiently to Amazon S3

hyperlevel-backup replicate a hyperleveldb, taking advantage of the liveBackup function

level-rawcopy An optimized live-copy from one levelup instance to another.

liv A CLI tool for save and manage your global npm modules

mongodb_s3_backup A tool to help backup your mongodb databases to s3.

mongodb-manager CLI to import and export MongoDB databases

mongoose-history Keeps a history of all changes of a document.

node-s3ma Automatic local file backup to two of S3 buckets.

nodemailer-strategies Use multiple email providers, or fall back to disk backups, when using nodemailer. NS avoids providers with high latency intelligently and can also redirect all email to console or disk when testing and debugging.

nsyrc A command line tool for easily defining and maintaining rsync backups

sbt The SyncML Backup Tool.

spare Backup a Cloudant / CouchDB instance, using PouchDB.

tumblikes let's you download all your likes at tumblr

tweetslurp Backs up tweets to a JSON file.

voxel-backup Connect to a voxel-server and store the world chunks in level db

walter Backup utilities for postgresql

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