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amino-queue RabbitMQ plugin for amino 1.x

bacon-stream readable stream of bacon ipsum content from baconipsum dot com

baconjs A small functional reactive programming lib for JavaScript.

baconts TypeScript wrapper for Bacon.js

benchmarx HTTP-based side-by-side benchmark framework

brianify "Brianifies" a directory into one of his new node modules

carlosify "Carlosifies" a directory into one of his new node modules

cryptic easy two-way encryption

ganglia Relay points for reactive applications

href middleware providing the current absolute url as req.href

keyboard2 keyboard html widget: press button, get character

keylogger capture input from stdin transparently

kinesis.js Kinesis + Bacon.js

modeler simple entity system using a functional approach

modeler-leveldb leveldb-powered functional entity system

modeler-mongodb MongoDB-powered functional entity system

modeler-mysql mysql-powered functional entity system

modeler-redis redis-powered functional entity system

modeler-stripe Stripe backend for modeler functional entity system

modeler-twitter twitter backend for modeler functional entity system

motley an alternative rapid web development framework

secrets secret gist finder

shelter run a process which requires a prompted password, and auto-respawn it when it crashes

templ yet another lightweight templating thing

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