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alfa-business Client for Alfa-Business

alfa-mobile Client for Alfa-Mobile

banker Downloads transactions and balances from online banking websites using Zombie.js.

banking The missing Bank API for getting you statement data

bloodmoney A simple cache banking system using redis

chase-bank Hacktastic way to get our data out of Chase Bank.

commbank Which bank? A simple (but incomplete) API and CLI for a certain Australian bank.

digbil-bank A bank engine that allows money transfer between accounts

hsbc-statement-parser Parses and converts HSBC bank statements downloaded in PDF format into a list of operations in JSON or TSV format.

ktoblzcheck binding for ktoblzcheck to check german account numbers/BLZ

postcode-anywhere Postcode Anywhere service wrapper for node.js

simplebank A very basic interface to fetch data from your Simple bank account using promises

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