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basic-auth generic basic auth parser

basic-auth-mongoose Mongoose plugin for password-based user authentication.

basically basically

basicauth http basic auth as simple as I could make it

basiccache An extremely basic cache with a simple expiry system

basicscript BASIC language interpreter in Javascript

basicset-levelwrap A very basic leveldb wrapper for storing objects that belong to 'documents'.

bland Console logger for node, saving you customising just to use console.debug

connect-basic-auth Flexible HTTP basic authentication for Connect framework.

enkihelpers super basic helpers for node

generator-basic-app A generator for Yeoman - Basic App

generator-py-module A generator for Yeoman to create Python module boilerplate

git-control Git operations

gt-passport-http HTTP Basic and Digest authentication strategies for Passport. (Modified with a flag to prevent WWW-Authenticate headers to be sent)

hapi-auth-basic Basic authentication plugin

htpasswd Node.js package for HTTP Basic Authentication password file utility.

http-auth Node.js package for HTTP basic and digest access authentication.

http-basic-auth HTTP Client with basic authentication support

isnode Are we running in node?

katra BASIC language interpreter in CoffeeScript

passport-http HTTP Basic and Digest authentication strategies for Passport.

safe-url Scrub basic auth credentials from your urls so they're safe urls

underscorex underscorex are some basic extensions for underscore.js

webapi-skeleton stack based on nodejs, restify & mongoose to create restbased webapis.

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