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api-benchmark A simple nodejs tool to measure and compare performances of api services

async_bench The benchmark framework designed for node.js callbacks.

beautify-benchmark Beautify Benchmark.js's output into readable form.

ben simple timing benchmarks for synchronous and asynchronous code

bench-it Benchmark your code

bench-rest bench-rest - benchmark REST (HTTP/HTTPS) API's. Node.js client module for easy load testing / benchmarking REST API' using a simple structure/DSL can create REST flows with setup and teardown and returns (measured) metrics.

bench-utils Utilities for benchmarking: counter, stopwatch, and timestamp.

benchfn a function for instant benchmark

benchget Simple Get benchmark command line similar to Apache Bench

benchmark A benchmarking library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms, supports high-resolution timers, and returns statistically significant results.

benchmark-octane Octane benchmark for Node.js

benchmark-pages Benchmarks the response time of your web pages under a different loads; allows comparing response times for different servers

benchmark-server ================

benchmark.js-plot Render benchmark.js results to a plot

benchmartian Benchmark.js mocha like command line interface

benchmarx HTTP-based side-by-side benchmark framework

benchpress No fuss benchmarking

benchrunner Benchmark Suite Runner for benchmark.js

benit A simple, easy, javascript benchmarking library.

bnch A very simple (yet another) node benchmark utility

cheetah Store historical benchmark data and visualize, focus on making components faster, fast as a cheetah.

cjs-vs-amd-benchmark Compare load times of CJS and AMD module systems

cloned clones a module at the given revision

core-http-benchmark benchmark implementations of the http module from node core

damage A simple way to calculate the 'damage' of running a task in Node.JS.

diff-hrtime Computes the difference between two process.hrtime [sec, nanosec] pairs

fixture Fixtures, cannon fodder for tests.

grunt-api-benchmark A grunt plugin that runs a series of benchmark tests and creates an html report

grunt-benchmark Grunt task for benchmarking

hrtimer high-resolution time wrapper

htmlparser-benchmark Simple benchmark for htmlparser2 using real-life data

htmlparser2-benchmark Simple benchmark for htmlparser2 using real-life data

http-bench Simple http benchmarking client run from the command line

karma-benchmark Continuous JavaScript Performance Monitoring with Benchmark.js and the Karma Runner

karma-benchmark-reporter A Karma benchmark reporter

lena The Lena test image

limit-bench Benchmark with time limits

microbench Node.js microbenchmark tests & framework

microbenchmark Microbenchmarks with NodeJS

mocha-benchmark Hacky mocha + benchmark js integration extracted from ICAL.js

mysql-bindings-benchmarks Node.js MySQL bindings benchmarks

nab Node version ab.

nbm A evented benchmark for node

node-benchmark a benchmark utils for node.js

node-load A simple nodejs load-generator

nodebench A simple benchmark tool for Node.js

odin-ws WebSocket benchmark utility

perfcounter Performance counter with nesting

performance A short and quick way to assess performance on a server.

pocket-watch Tiny benchmarking library

precisetime timing function for Rhino, node, browsers, natively present in JSC

pretty-hrtime process.hrtime() to words

prolix A debug and benchmark mixin for atom modules

puncher Nested timstamps generator for your application

qhc HTTP connection testing.

redis-benchmark-parser Parses Redis Benchmark results and lets you compare one result with other

slam Pure node benchmarker alternative to ab or siege

speedcoach Benchmark node.js modules to make them faster and lighter.

speedtest Simple benchmark pour Nodejs

speedy Tiny benchmark utility

stream-bench Node streams benchmarking (throughput, etc)

survey A tool for benchmarking in the surveying sense, not in a competitive sense.

template-bench Benchmarks for several text/HTML templating engines

thor Thor is WebSocket benchmark utility

thor-hammer WebSocket benchmark utility with primus, support

timethis Function iteration benchmarking, implements functions similar to perl's timethis, timethese, and countit.

tommygun HTTP Benchmarking Tool

vbench visual benchmarking with node-canvas

websocket-benchmark Websocket Benchmark

wsload Load Testing Application for massive concurrent connections and complex scripted testcases

yui-benchmark [![Build Status](](

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