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btree asynchronous copy-on-write btree

forage A search engine based on Node.js and LevelDB

globi-data Find out who eats who in the world: what do rats (Rattus rattus) eat?, or what do hardhead catfish (Ariopsis felis) eat?. Data provided by EOL's GloBI (Global Biotic Interactions) .

kurunt Real-time processing of streaming data at any scale.

neural_network Neural network implementation with backpropagation. It uses map reduce to distribute the computation of cost function and it's gradients. It also implements stochastic/step/batch gradient descent for optimizing cost function

node-oozie Node.js module used as a client to send rest requests to oozie server

node-sqoop Node.js module used as a client to send rest requests to sqoop server

tower-topology ## Installation

webhdfs Node.js WebHDFS REST API client

yagnus JavaScript stats library containing parallel distributed streaming algorithms to compute important frequently used statistics on big data. The library calculates commonly used univariate, multivariate and discrete statistics. It can be used alone in a webpage, or server-side in nodejs (or both since mss's can be merged), or within a big-data no-sql engines such as hadoop, mongodb.

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