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ap Currying in javascript. Like .bind() without also setting `this`.

asEvented Micro event emitter which provides the observer pattern to JavaScript object.

aware Bindable key-value storage

better-curry Forget Function.bind and func.apply(context, arguments), performance matters! For a better curry!

bind A simple templating engine that smiles back

bind-right Bind function arguments from the right

bindbook Compile Chapter/Article Filestructure all into one.

binders binders creates binders full of bound methods

bindshim Simple shim to fill in missing Function.prototype.bind

concert An event library that implements the observer pattern (a.k.a publish/subscribe). Similar to Node's EventEmitter and Backbone.Events, but independent, minimal and light-weight.

defunc Default function arguments helper

dnsd Dynamic authoritative name server for Iris services

dnsgen Generate DNS files using json

dotdot Replaced with to shorten common JS syntax under node

enslave binds `this` to a function's first argument

es5-fix Fixes for incomplete ECMAScript 5 implementations

eventify Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events. For node.js and the browser. Based on Backbone.Events

finkel Flexible currying mixin for Underscore or Lo-Dash

fm function modulation utility module

fruitmachine-bindall A fruitmachine helper that binds all the methods in fruitmachine modules to each instance.

funny Funny, a jolly helper for functions.

gulp-dotdot Gulp plugin for transforming notation to, ...)

injecttostr Inject object variables to string.

jahcode Scala like Classes and Traits in JavaScript

keyboard High quality keybinding library

keyboard-cjs High quality keybinding library

konamijs konami.js logs every keypress and store it for later

lazybind Create functions that accept the receiver as its first argument and `n` arguments after

merge-context like _.bind() or _.bindAll() but extends 'this' instead of replacing it

mingle function operations, composition, and interpolation in JavaScript

mouse A high quality mouse event binding library that treats the mouse like a first class citizen object.

native-dns Replacement for the core DNS module, includes server implementation

node-binder Mixin class for managing bindings in Node.js

node-shells all the shellz

objbind bind all the functions on an object

object-subscribe Unobtrusive object subscribe / watch / bind

oneself (un)curryThis to avoid [], obj.fn.bind(obj), that=this

passport-ldapbind Simple LDAP authentication strategy for Passport (binding)

polyfill-function Add useful functions to functions

reactive Reactive template engine with data bindings

reactive-component Reactive template engine with data bindings

recycle Reduce, reuse and recycle your JS

redefine A lightweight utility for ES6 like classes and an easier ES5 aware object properties definition introducing new, performance oriented, patterns.

redis-dns Simple DNS server configured using redis. Based on iriscouche's dnsd:

rincewind An HTML based template engine with a few ever-so-slightly magic attributes

sharedjs The most needed utility functions for writing shared code between browser and client.

socks-client A SOCKS proxy client library supporting SOCKS 4, 4a, and 5. (also supports BIND/Associate)

specialize Partial function evaluator

thus Create a JavaScript scope in which the enclosing function's first argument is referred to as `this'

tiny-emitter A tiny (less than 1k) event emitter library

weak-bind An overridable equivalent for Function.prototype.bind

wrap Wrap is Prototype.js style context wrapping it in another function

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