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anglebars Mustache-style declarative data binding, for the sceptical developer

angular-bindonce Zero watchers binding directives for AngularJS

angular-linked-field Angular directive to link two fields based on their content

arsenal A collection of various useful mechanisms for javascript applications

attr-bind 2-way dom element binding

attr-brick Lego plugin to bind node properties to a store attribute

attractor snap together frontend and backend modules with html attributes

backbone-hoodie hoodie data bindings for backbone models

backbone.databinding The plugin implements a two-way data binding between views and models/collections.

backbone.epoxy Elegant data binding for Backbone.js

backbone.fumanchu Live template bindings for Backbone/Marionette.

bind-transforms Bind models properties to properly prefixed CSS transforms in backbone/humanjs views.

binding Create your own DOM bindings

bobun Backbone UI oriented library.

brick-view MVVM brick to create large scale and real time web applications in a flash.

brickjs MVVM building block to create real time and large scale applications in a flash

cement Data attribute binding and interpolation

crazy_glue Binding all of your async calls together

cryptopp Node.js static bindings for the Crypto++ library

data-binding Data attribute binding and interpolation

data-binding-plugin One of the most powerful two way data-binding tool with virtualization. Highly optimized for performance and memory

db-drizzle Drizzle database bindings for Node.JS

db-mysql MySQL database bindings for Node.JS

db-nuodb NuoDB database bindings for Node.JS

db-oracle Oracle database bindings for Node.JS

db-sqlite DEPRICATED, USE:

dom-binding Simple one-way data binding to the DOM

domy-bind Two-way data binding for frontend Browserify code

events-binding EventEmitter with amqp style binding for messages

ffi A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js

ffi-prebuilt A foreign function interface (FFI) for Node.js - PREBUILD

fullname-native Get the fullname of the current user

game-shell Ready-to-go game shell

halo Keeping your Backbone.js straight with

handlebind Handlebars.js templating with Knockout.js style bindings

html-brick Lego plugin to bind a node innerHTML to a store attribute

hudkit-action Actions for hudkit

hudkit-property-object 2-way binding object for hudkit's PropertyEditor widget

inspector Node.js binding for WebKit Inspector API

jsbind Runtime javascript data binding

knockout-select-on-focus A Knockout binding that select text according to a given pattern when the element is focused

kyotocabinet-node kyotocabinet bindings for Node.js

live-templates Bind your templates directly to models, and get lives updates for free with no boilerplate.

mapnbind Cross engine (V8 / JavascriptCore) binding generator

mgo-mousetrap Handling keyboard interaction on an Angular app: An Angular Mousetrap wrapper

mies Ultra-simple modular layout and template system, with automatic data binding and smart routing, for jQuery

mould Give shape to your bricks

neolith neo4j graph database driver (REST API) for Node.js

node-lmdb Node binding for LMDB, the Lightning Memory-Mapped Database

nodejs-db-informix Informix database bindings for Node.JS

on-off DOM Event Binding Library

phash Bindings for node.js to pHash

pointers Syncs a model/collection with an element. Supports two-way syncs. Respects garbage collection and bottom-up rendering. Reactive.

pwuid getpwuid() binding - returns username, name, home directory, shell, gid from uid

ractive Next-generation DOM manipulation

recycle Reduce, reuse and recycle your JS

rework-rule-binding A Rework plugin to prohibit cascading the rulesets

richardparker Simple template engine for two way bindings

riverjs a simple font-end framework with extendable two-way binding

seam Seam binds your JS logic to the DOM by adding configuration to the markup.

smack A small Javascript library for events, observable objects, and data binding.

southbay Cocoa-inspired key-value coding, binding, and observing for node

springform For cheesecake and full-stack form processing

sudoclass Base, Observable and Delegate classes from the sudo.js library

synapse-bind Data Binding For The Rest Of Us

television A minimalist framework for binding reactive views to observable models

tie.js Smart binding framework

uname SUSv3 uname binding

xsys A node.js binding to useful system-level functions

zmq Bindings for node.js to zeromq

zmq-trunk Bindings for node.js to zeromq

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