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anna Website engine (general purpose, blog & e-commerce) based on Node.JS

apostrophe-blog Blogging for the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-blog-2 A next-generation blog for A2. Blogs and blog posts are ordinary pages with a few fancy features, so that blog posts have a natural and obvious permanent URL on the site but aggreation and blog-style browsing are still possible.

apostrophe-groups Groups for apostrophe-people, a component of the Apostrophe content management system

apostrophe-people Staff directories, user accounts and personal profiles for the Apostrophe content management system

assemble-contrib-navigation Assemble plugin to automatically generate Bootstrap-style, multi-level side navigation. See the sidenav on for a demonstration.

assemble-contrib-permalinks Permalinks plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Grunt.js, Yeoman and Node.js. This plugin enables powerful and configurable URI patterns, [Moment.js]( for parsing dates, much more.

assemble-contrib-rss RSS generator plugin for Assemble, the static site generator for Yeoman, Grunt.js and Node.js.

assemble-contrib-wordcount Assemble plugin for displaying wordcount and average reading time on blog posts or pages.

assemble-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-package-manager Utilities for managing packages.

assemble-plugin-markdown-data An Assemble plugin for automatic parsing of markdown in data.

assemble-plugin-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-related-pages An Assemble plugin for generating lists of related pages.

assemble-utils Utilities built for the Assemble project.

atavist Markdown site generator.

badblog a terrible node.js blog engine with barely any features

bitesize A simple blog library based on YAML Front-Matter Markdown documents.

bitter Minimal blog engine for Git and Markdown enthusiasts

blag A simple, robust Markdown-flavored blog with zero dependencies.

blake Simple, blog aware infrastructure to generate static sites

blode A simple static site/blog generator like jekyll.

blog My blog

blog-maker Blog generator from .md post files, highly inspired from

blog.js Blogging platform written in Node.js BLOGS + MARKDOWN

blogbyvista ERROR: No file found!

blogctuary Prove you were alive from the comfort of a safe place

blogger2ghost Blogspot JSON migrator plugin for Ghost

bloggy Small and lightweight extensible blog engine.

bloggy-marked A markdown parser for blog posts in bloggy, a small and lightweight markdown blog engine.

bloggy-query Creates fluent methods to query for blog posts and tags in bloggy, a small and lightweight markdown blog engine.

bloggy-rss RSS plugin for bloggy, a small and lightweight markdown blog engine.

blogify Blogify a directory of markdown posts

blogin A simple static blog framework, powered by Node.js.

blogit Minimalist Node.js blog engine using Markdown and Git for storage.

blogtitle Simple generate blog title with date

blorg Flexible static blog generator

bootstrap-blog Express and Twitter Bootstrap powered blogging

bumble A very simple blog

cabin Simple and extensible static site generator powered by Grunt

cadigan a blog engine

captain Captain is a blog engine for node.js

captain-admin Admin front-end for captain.js

captain-core Core module for captain.js

caridy Caridy Patiño - Blog Engine based on flipflop

catlogjs Static site generator, translate human readable text format(such as markdown) into html, with a lot of other functions

coffee-box blog engine for fashionable developers

column Column for writting

columnpress ColumnPress for writting blog

demo-blog-system Simple Blog by Mandice Contributors.

dilated a dynamic markdown-based weblog

docpad DocPad is a next generation web architecture that lets you create fast static websites with dynamic abilities and powerful abstractions. Write your website as files on your computer, entries in a database, or even RSS feeds and DocPad will import it, generate & render it, then output a static website for deployment anywhere or a dynamic node website for advanced server-side functionality. Use it as a module or standalone. It's purely awesome. Check it out.

docpad-plugin-tags Create tag pages within DocPad

docpad-plugin-timaschew-tags Create tag pages within DocPad

docpad-plugin-tumblr Import your Tumblr content directly into your DocPad database

dog Developer blOG, markdown based, made to be simple and fast, yet feature rich.

downpress Downpress is simple, fast and lightweight generator of static websites.

draft-dodger Temporarily add jekyll blog drafts to your .gitignore

dublog 基于Node.js的静态博客程序

enfield Jekyll-like blog engine for node.js

equiprose A static website and blog generator

feed Feed is a RSS and Atom feed generator for Node.js, making content syndication simple, intuitive and performant!

flim Lightweight, static page generator

flipflop ezmode geek blogging, like wearing sandals

freeblog A lightweight blog framework

full-meta-jacket The 42nd best static site generator for node.js

generator-blacksmith Yeoman generator for blacksmith

generator-go-static Go-Static! is a static site generator that employs the tools developers already know and love. Yeoman to scaffold out your project and Grunt to generate the output.

generator-logsmith Yeoman generator for Wintersmith blog, the static site generator built on Grunt.js.

generator-weblog A weblog (blog) generator for Yeoman

ghexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

ghost Just a blogging platform.

ghost-app Build your own app on top of Ghost

ghost-fork Just a blogging platform.

ghost-s3 S3 file module for Ghost blog

githublog write your blog on github

gitpress press your blog with github

glog git push blog server

gnome A Simple Embeddable Blog Framework Built on Node.js and Express.js

grunt-assemble Static site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman. Assemble makes it dead simple to build modular sites, blogs, gh-pages, components and documentation from reusable templates and data.

grunt-blog A grunt plugin to organize content and generate indexes for Memba Mini Blog Engine.

grunt-mameli Grunt task to deploy a MameliJS blog

grunt-markdown-blog Generates a blog from markdown posts & underscore templates

grunt-pages Grunt task to create pages using markdown and templates

grunt-pelican Grunt plugin for build Pelican static blog

grunt-section A Grunt task that represents the backbone of Section—a modular static site generator for Node.js.

haiku A work in progress, rough around the edges, static site generator

heckle-blog Static blog generator

hexo A fast, simple & powerful blog framework, powered by Node.js.

hexo-admin Hexo Admin provides a dashboard for hexo blog systems.

hexo-broken-link-checker Detects links that don't work, missing images and redirects.

hexo-feed-generator Atom feed generator plugin for Hexo

hexo-generator-minify An Hexo plugin to generate static site with minified CSS and JS resources

hexo-gzip Gzip console plugin for Hexo

hexo-math Add MathJax support to hexo

hexo-maxcdn-plugin MaxCDNify ( your Hexo

hexo-migrator-image Image migrator plugin for Hexo

hexo-migrator-octopress Octopress migrator plugin for Hexo

hexo-migrator-rss RSS migrator plugin for Hexo

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