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apostrophe-blog Blogging for the Apostrophe content management system

blogify Blogify a directory of markdown posts

blogit Minimalist Node.js blog engine using Markdown and Git for storage.

burden A worry-free, static blog generator

cabin Simple and extensible static site generator powered by Grunt

freeze A flexible static blog generator based on Markdown

generator-blacksmith Yeoman generator for blacksmith

gist-pages Express meets to create an open blogging platform.

journal Journal is a NodeJS blogging and content management platform strongly influenced by WordPress and LiveJournal

markedup a blogging platform for node.js using markdown with a ui that puts an emphasis on ease-of-use

membrane just another blogging platform

poet quick and easy blog module, using markdown, jade, whatever

velcro A simple flat-file blogging platform that uses markdown and jade

velociblog A static blog generator built on top of JavaScript, Node.js and RaptorJS

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