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aglio An API Blueprint renderer with theme support

api-blueprint-http-formatter Format pair of HTTP Request and Response to API Blueprint format

bigblue-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

blueprint A database agnostic model layer and OOP implementation designed for reusability between the client and server

blueprint-model Allow the definition of models.

Blueprint-Sugar A simple Sugar for Prototypal Inheritance

curl-trace-parser Parse curl --trace option output to raw HTTP message

digger-blueprints Client side blueprint handler for digger

grunt-aglio Grunt plugin to generate aglio documentation A blueprint for your own hooks using Coffeescript and Vows

katt-blueprint-parser KATT blueprint parser (derived from Apiary blueprint parser)

katt-js KATT (Klarna API Testing Tool) is an HTTP-based API testing tool for NodeJS

katt-player KATT player is a mock HTTP server that replies with HTTP responses based on KATT blueprints.

katt-util KATT utilities for KATT blueprints.

layout Organize and layout items based on various algorithms

noksha a simple dependency manager

ssa-layout Organize and layout items based on various algorithms, forked from Todd Wolfson's layout

stylus-blueprint Blueprint CSS framework ported to Stylus

yours-truly yours-truly works with protagonist to generate an HTML version of your API

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