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apocalism-js Automate your illustrated short story build process

bindbook Compile Chapter/Article Filestructure all into one.

book-loggly loggly middleware for the book logging framework

book-raven raven middleware for the book logging framework

bookmarkdown books in markdown +

bookrc automatic config loading for the book logging framework

coverist NODE module for cover images for books, movies, music albums, artists...

fuckoffshoujo Multiplayer visual novel framework

giik A static site generator for book.

gitbook Library and cmd utility to generate GitBooks

gitbook-pdf PDF Generator for GitBook

gitbook-theme-clarity Clarity Theme for Gitbook

isbn-cover get a book cover image from isbn

manuscript-builder create a one-file manuscript from a bunch of chapters files. designed for leanpub books but not limited to that.

pagemaster Consumes a PDF, executes magic, returns book

xglib xianguo book offline manage

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