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2-sat 2SAT solver

array-all Boolean ALL an array

array-trie A trie data structure for arrays

bool Boolean expression evaluator

boolasync Async boolean expressions

boolbase two functions: One that returns true, one that returns false

connective combine predicate (bool returning) functions with propositional logic connectives (and, or, not)

connective-promise boolean (true/false) and first order (some/every) logic with promises

expressionist Programmatically generate expression trees in Node.js or plain browser Javascript.

false A JavaScript port of the Unix utility 'false'. Returns the Boolean value `false`

gray-code n-ary gray codes of radix k

horn-sat Solves HORNSAT

indeed Boolean helpers for node.js

izzy A robust micro library for type checking. Defers to constructs' internal `[[Class]]` property rather than duck typing for excellent type detection and to avoid triggering false positives.

k-hash Generic k-way indepenent hash function

lag.boolean The lag function boolean() as a standalone module.

logic-gates Logical gates defined as methods

logica a compile-to-javascript predicate logic language

ness boolean evaluation in javascript done right

node-env-flag Little util function for simpler extracting Boolean values from ENV-variables in Node.js, i.e. true values (true, TRUE, 1) vs. false values (false, FALSE, 0).

nor-flags Flags library for Javascript

predicament asynchronous boolean logic and If-Then-Else branching

propsat Propositional Satisfiability Checker

qweary Complex Logical Query Constructor for Mongoose

rle-csg Constructive solid geometry library for narrow band level sets

shortcircuit asynchronous short circuit evaluation

true A JavaScript port of the Unix utility 'true'. Returns the Boolean value `true`

truthy.js Functions to simplify/normalize rules with the ability to leverage monads and applicative functors over traditional control structures.

yes-no A tiny module for parsing "yes"/"no" type values

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