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ababot-scripts The public scripts used for Abakus' IRC-bot ababot.

aimlinterpreter Module to interpret AIML files in node.js

ajs-express ExpressJS Middleware for AjaxSnapshots

ann IRC bot made to announce and for convenience.

bank-fan Inspired by the great @BofA_Help bot, a demonstration of how to use Twitter's Streaming API with sentiment analysis to get yourself in trouble

bigblue-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

boombot chat and DJ bot for

bot Feeling lonely? You personal bot is here.

botdylan github bot

boter A simple library for writing smooth IRC bots.

botio Github build/test bot

bots Build robust networks of bots that can react to events

clabot A bot to take the pain out of Contributor License Agreements

coinchat-client The coinchat-client is a framework aiding to help writing automated clients for

curvefever-bot A curvefever signup and match making bot for your chat channel

deploy-bot A simple api for an **agent less** DevOps infrastructure provisionning bot.

dogechat-bot This module can be used to make a chat bot for the website DogeChat using Node.JS and it simplifies the process a great deal.

domo-eval Eval plugin for Domo-bot

domo-kun The most awesome thing ever

druid NodeJS Jabber bot framework

ector ECTOR is a learning chatterbot.

ector-command A command to an interactive learning chatterbot.

ex-400 EX-400 core module

express-device Browser detection library, built on top of express

fancy-groupme-bot Use the Groupme bot API

fantomo PhantomJS based bot

fatbot An easy to use coffeescript IRC bot framework

fdongles An IRC framework that supports plugin modules and middleware

fdongles-middleware-matches A ForkingDongles middleware for message matching using the 'routes' module

gekko A bitcoin trading bot for auto trading at various exchanges

gibson an asynchronous room management bot platform for

groupme A Node Module for interacting with the GroupMe API. Supports both querying the Stateless API and receiving Websocket-based push messages, and provides a CLI.

grumpp XMPP bot that receives your messages and runs appropriate Grunt tasks on a remote server.

gu Streaming bot makers library with hot code reloading and regex handlers

hashtag-amy A bot

helperbot A mineflayer bot that helps you do things in minecraft.

hip-pager-bot Create and customize a HipChat bot that interacts with PagerDuty.

hubot A simple helpful robot for your Company

hubot-cashbrain Modifies the base brain to add a second set of keys to the datastore that expire and refresh themselves

hubot-future-messages-campfire Send messages to people currently not in the room

hubot-gif-me Show a gif from your gif collection.

hubot-hall A Hall adapter for hubot

hubot-hall-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

hubot-hipchat A Hipchat adapter for Hubot

hubot-hipchat-beta A Hipchat adapter for Hubot

hubot-hipchat-emoticons Query Hipchat emoticons within Hubot

hubot-http Hubot HTTP adapter

hubot-mood A hubot bot to manage your team's mood

hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

hubot-tlkio Hubot adapter for tlkio

ibot iBot is an IRC client-side framework designed to be extensible and easy to use

ibot-essentials ibot-essentials is a collection of essential `mods` modules to be used with ibot

igelkott An IRC bot running on Erk

injectobot Developer-friendly programmable IRC bot

irc-apparatus An IRC bot framework. Plugins are easy to write and can extend core functionality, provide middleware or just listen for events.

irc-bridge-bot IRC Bridge bot created using two tennu instances.

irc-js-bot A simple IRC bot implemented on top of IRC-js, with support for plug-ins.

irc-lib A full-featured IRC library for running clients, bots, and servers

irc-stream A duplex streaming IRC bot built on top of `irc`

ircat.js A simple IRC bot you pipe messages to

ircbot A simple irc bot with a reloadable plugin system

isrobot a small module that determines based on user-agent if the request came from a robot

jirc A light and extensible IRC bot.

josi The Jolly Science bot, based on Hubot. Her name is JoSi.

kara A third generation EX-400 android

maidbot a simple, configurable twitter bot inspired by

memebot An IRC bot that spits our random memes on request.

minecraft-protocol Parse and serialize minecraft packets, plus authentication and encryption.

mineflayer-blockfinder mineflayer plugin which gives bots a function to find the nearest block

mineflayer-navigate mineflayer plugin which adds 3d pathfinding

mineflayer-scaffold mineflayer plugin to build or break blocks to get to a certain point

mineflayer-voxel A plugin to give you a web-based view of your mineflayer bot.

mockingjay Create a twitter bot that follows a list and retweets tweets that match a regex pattern.

monsieur-bot Simple XMPP MUC bot

mtgox-streaming-bot Bot that acts on every message from MtGox API

nickie NickServ bot for IRC.

nobot A simple bot for HipChat

node-bot Fast and Real-time extraction of web pages information using node-dom (html,text,etc) based on given criterias

node-gadgets Real-time extraction from web pages of HTML gadgets and associated properties using node-dom based on given criterias

node-irc-client An IRC client for Node.js

node-twitterbot A NodeJS module for creating Twitter Bots

npmbro irc bot that runs npm commands for you while you bro out

onlinenet bot library

opsbot hermione the npm operations chat bot

pibot personal IRC bot

pibot-basic basic plugin for personal IRC bot

plug-dj-bot A bot for

porygonz IRC/XMPP bot that works

qqbot A robot lives on webQQ

rbot bot made with mineflayer which can do task

rivescript RiveScript is a scripting language for chatterbots, making it easy to write trigger/response pairs for building up a bot's intelligence.

robotirc Multifonction IRC bot written in Node

simple-twitter-bot A simple framework for creating a Twitter bot.

simplebot A simple bot for Node.js, with plugins support

skcript_bot This is the bot which will talk to Skcript Employees.

slackjs A nodejs module for the Slack Incoming Webhooks API

sooty Node powered Campfire bot framework

tennu Tennu - Modular IRC Bot Framework for Node.js

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