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aabb Axis-align bounding box

bitmap-to-boxes Partitions a 2D binary image into rectangles

box-frustum Checks if an axis aligned bounding box intersects a camera frustum.

box-view-api Box View API, node.js client library

boxoverlap Reports pairs of overlapping boxes

boxpack Bin packing algorithm for rectangles

extents compute the bounding extents of a polygon

grunt-attention Display attention-grabbing messages in the terminal

ndarray-prefix-sum Computes a prefix sum of an ndarray

node-box Access from node.js apps

nodejs-box Box API client for Node.JS

npmbox Quick example of using Process.exec

passport-box box authentication strategy for Passport.

spatial-trigger enter/exit events for bounding boxes based on events from spatial-events

static-range-query Fast n-dimensional orthogonal range searches for static point sets

x-math Math library inspired by Google Closure library

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