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bracket-data Get some helpful data for a tournament bracket.

bracket-finder Find a tournament bracket in a tweet (or any data object).

bracket-generator Generate a tournament bracket.

bracket-scorer Find the score of a tournament bracket.

bracket-stream given start and end symbols, emit the text between them as a single data event.

bracket-updater Update a tournament bracket after the completion of a game.

bracket-validator Validate a tournament bracket.

character-parser Parse JavaScript one character at a time to look for snippets in Templates. This is not a validator, it's just designed to allow you to have sections of JavaScript delimited by brackets robustly.

is-property Tests if a JSON property can be accessed using . syntax

keypather Get or set a object values from a keypath string. Supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

scores Track the completion of sports games from a URL.

value-for-keypath Get a value from an object from a keypath string supports bracket notation, dot notation, and functions

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