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beam Streams and Pipes revised for analytics

eye-of-git watch-events for changes to head in specified git branches

ghib create meaningful branch names based on github issues

git-bd A new working directory for each git branch.

git-branch Get the current branch for a local git repository.

git-branch-d-ui Web ui for deleting git branches

git-branch-deploy Setup repository branch for deployment

git-rev-2 get the current git commit hash, tag or branch in node

grunt-feature A grunt task which generates feature configuration files to support code being released early and often and to synchronise features between JavaScript & CSS.

grunt-git-branch-ftpush git과 grunt-contrib-ftpush 사용시 push 폴더를 git branch로 자동 설정시켜주는 플러그인

grunt-release-branch A grunt task that makes working with release branches (aka gh-pages) a breeze"

hubot-branch-name Keeps a tally of branch names by number, i.e. 113_dead_pigeons

hubot-retro Keep track of hubot comments

hubot-yardmaster Hubot Script for controlling CI server actions, what to deploy, when to deploy, what branch is deployed

logule A multi-transport, peer-dependent logging library

predicament asynchronous boolean logic and If-Then-Else branching

resolve-git-branch Resolves the currently checked out branch of the git repository in the current directory.

ripple git repository & branch manager.

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