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airwaves Airwaves is a lightweight pub/sub library that can be used in any JavaScript environment. It has no dependencies.

broadcast Broadcast channels for Node

broadcast-pi Broadcasting client and server, Allowing the Raspberry PI (or any other device) to make itself known to registered clients. On OSX it'll send a notification to the notification center

cloudjs A network distributed event system. Similar to node JS standard event system. A process pool, where objects can be added and ran at a periodic interval a predefined functions. An auto-balancing system, that migrate objects in the process pool, from one running instance to another, based on the load of each instance.

hubby A high feature, distributed, low latency and secure message exchange bus based on redis and mongodb

js-cast Voice Streaming from client Browser using nodejs

js-cast-example Voice Streaming from client Browser using icecast server

parse-push Library to support sending push notifications using Parse

paxos A Multi-Paxos implementation in pure JavaScript.

plexy Create multiple duplex object streams that read and write through a single text stream.

primus-broadcast Adds style broadcast functionality to primus.

primus-rooms-adapter In-memory default adapter for primus-rooms-adapter, use as abstract class

redis-broadcast Write redis commands to a set of redises efficiently

rundfunk Rundfunk is zero-conf distributed event emitter

simplebroadcast Simple broadcasting and repeatign of JSON messages using net sockets

streammachine Flexible live streaming for broadcast audio.

twtcst Twitter Broadcast

windpush Broadcast messages to all active online users on a site

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