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broadway-handlebars Plugin for flatiron/broadway for rendering with the handlebars view engine.

broadway-jqtpl Plugin for flatiron/broadway for rendering with the jqtpl express view engine.

flatiron-persona Flatiron plugin for user authentication with Mozilla Persona

mixdown-cql Mixdown / Broadway plugin library for Cassandra CQL 3.

mixdown-geolocation Geolocation server / service for looking up user locations

mixdown-less Mixdown plugin for LESS CSS. Generates a pipeline that builds LESS and CSS.

mixdown-oauth OAuth libraries and plugins for mixdown/broadway

mixdown-postmark A Postmark plugin for Mixdown.

mixdown-router Router for mixdown.js

mixdown-states A simple mixdown/broadway plugin for working with US states.

pluggo Minimal plugin framework for node.js and browsers

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