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filesystem-browserify node's fs in yo' browser

filter-transform filter (browserify) transforms by predicates

fix-ev Fix event objects in older IEs

flat-radio-field flat ui radio select field builder

fractus a browser-based editor

franim canvas helper library

frequire require() for the browser - works with npm modules, browserify modules, components, expose objects and more

fs-stream-websocket `fs.createReadStream` and `fs.createWriteStream` over a websocket, assumedly in a browser.

fullscreen fullscreen polyfill api that presents an event emitter

funify Puts the fun back in JavaScript (Actually, takes it out)

fuzzy-filter a browserify-compatible fuzzy string filtering function

game-loop Simple gameloop utility class to use with browserify

gauge-progress svg gauge progress

gel-transform Transform for processing gel expressions with Browserify

generate-sourcemap Generates a source map for files that were packed into a bundle.

generator-an Generates browserify friendly angular applications

generator-bro Generates browserify friendly angular applications

generator-browserify Yeoman generator with Browserify and your choice of Foundation 5 or Bootstrap 3

generator-browserifycordova A generator for Yeoman

generator-module A Yeoman generator for Browserify modules

generator-multienv A scaffolder for apps that can run in multiple JavaScript enviroments for Yeoman.

generator-react-app A generator for Yeoman with React, jQuery, Backbone, Bootstrap, Browserify, Express and Mongoose

generator-react-gulp-browserify A Yeoman Generator for facebook's React framework with Gulp and Browserify. Also go with livereload and famous Twitter bootstrap sass official.

generator-tom Yeoman generator for AngularJS Apps in CoffeeScript

generator-ultimate ULTIMATE Yeoman generator for ultimate-seed - full-stack AngularJS + Node.js/Express seed that makes web developers insanely productive.

generator-yeogurt A Yeoman generator for creating a sensible structure to front-end work using your favorite tools.

geomoment-angular An angular module for date formatting; wraps geomoment. For use with browserify.

get-json-hq wrapper for getting json with hyperquest

get-pixels Reads the pixels of an image as an ndarray

get-style-property Gets the current value of a style property for a given DOM element.

get-user-media Cross browser navigator.getUserMedia with a node api

getids return an object with all your elements, where each key is the element's id

getscreenmedia A browser module for attempting to get access to a MediaStream of a user's screen. With a nice node-like API.

ghoul Ghoul is a tool to help with frontend testing with mocha

gkey An index of gamepad input mappings for controllers using the HTML5 gamepad API

gl-catch-context Retrieve any newly created WebGL contexts as they're being created. Useful for instrumentation.

gl-shader-hook Instruments WebGL shaders to keep track of updates and modify existing shaders on the fly.

glify a webgl compiler browserify transform

glob-transform filter (browserify) transforms by globs

global-wrap Exposes your CommonJS-based libraries as a global.

glslifyify A browserify transform stream for glslify

gorillaify browserify v2 plugin for gorillascript with support for mixed .js and .gs files

gp-controls A polling interface for the HTML5 Gamepad API

grande-module An upgraded Grande.js to be used as a CommonJS module.

graph-stream pipe a stream of data into a browser graph

groupdocs-javascript Javascipt client for GroupDocs API

grunt-angular-modularize Easily convert angular.modules to be AMD/CommonJS-compatible

grunt-browser-dependencies Downloads javascript files from the web

grunt-browserify Grunt task for node-browserify

grunt-browserifying The ultimate Grunt Browserify task. Run once or watch files for changes. Uses a cache for super speed (instant builds). CoffeeScript support built in. Alias mappings. Shimming. Everything in one easy to use package.

grunt-coffee-browserify Compile all your coffeescript assets with grunt

grunt-coffee-build Builds hybrid coffeescript/javascript commonjs projects to run anywhere transparently(amd, commonjs or plain browser load), generating combined source maps and optionally browserifying dependencies.

grunt-contrib-coffee-browserify Compile all your coffeescript assets with grunt

grunt-global-wrap Grunt task to expose your CommonJS-based libraries as a global.

grunt-gluejs Grunt wrapper for GlueJS

grunt-gluejs2 A Grunt plugin for GlueJS v2.2+.

grunt-less-browserify LESS precompiler and CSS plugin for grunt-browserify

grunt-less-to-js require('./somefile.less.js'); Turn less files into browser and node compatable js.

grunt-titaniumifier Get a Titanium CommonJS Module out of your Node.js package using Grunt!

grunt-urequire A Grunt wrapper around uRequire <>

grunt-watchify Browserify your code

gulp-browserify Bundle modules with Browserify

gulp-faster-browserify Faster browserify builds with dependency caching

gulp-watchify integrates watchify with gulp.js

gulp-web-modules Module oriented build system for single page applications

gulpify (deprecated) a browserify plugin for gulp

hamlify Haml-coffee precompiler plugin for Browserify v2

handlebarsify Transform handlebars template form browserify.

handleify browserify 2 + precompiled client-side handlebars

has-canvas Check for canvas support.

has-transitions Check for transition support

hbsfy Handlebars precompiler plugin for Browserify v2

hedwig Easily publish browserify apps

html-browserify Makes HTML files usuable as modules in Browserify

html2js-browserify turn html into beautiful js, with browserify

http-browserify http module compatability for browserify

http-browserify-0.6 http module compatability for browserify

http-browserify-ng http module compatability for browserify

http-browserify-ws http module compatability for browserify

httpify Http in Node and Browserify, simply.

httpinvoke A 4.8kb no-dependencies HTTP client library for browsers and Node.js with a promise-based or Node.js-style callback-based API to progress events, text and binary file upload and download, partial response body, request and response headers, status code

https-browserify https module compatability for browserify

https-browserify-ng https module compatability for browserify

https-browserify-ws https module compatability for browserify

huk-browserify generate html with javascript

human-view A smart base view for Backbone apps, to make it easy to bind collections and properties to the DOM.

hut-accordion HTML UI Toolkit accordion component

hut-modal HTML UI Toolkit modal component

hut-tabs HTML UI Toolkit tabs component

hyperkey shared server+client rendering with live updates for key/value stores

icsify browserify v2 plugin for iced-coffee-script with support for mixed .js and .iced files

image-loaded Call a callback when an image has loaded - adapted from desandro/imagesloaded

includify Include one file directly into another with browserify

indexed High-level wrapper around IndexedDB with fallback to localStorage

inh DEPRECATED, see Was: both browser- and node-friendly inherits() for browserify

inherits Browser-friendly inheritance fully compatible with standard node.js inherits()

insert-css insert a string of css into the <head>

insert-module-globals insert implicit module globals into a module-deps stream

installify A browserify transform that automatically installs missing depenedencies

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