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interact a readable stream of mouse view events, wrapping up pointer-lock and drag-stream

intreq compress require paths down to integers in module-deps streams

iscroll-browserify a commonjs module for iscroll

istanbulify Simple transform command to instrument your source with istanbul using browserify

jade-reactify jade-reactify =============

jadeify A browserify transform for turning .jade files into template functions

jedify jedify

jide jide.js is a free UI toolkit for modern web applications based on data binding and separation of concerns.

jisonify Browserify plugin for Jison parsers.

jpp Browserify v2 plugin for cpp like preprocessing.

jquery-backbone-hookupify Small browserify transform to hook up Backbone with jquery

jquery-with-migrate Latest jQuery (currently 2.0.0b2) with jQuery-Migrate plugin wrapped for Node.js and a browser (window globals, Browserify or AMD)

jquery2 jQuery2 for browserify

js-thumb Client-side video & image thumbnailing

json-transfom translate json into a structure you want

json-transform translate json into a structure you want

jsonldify A wrapper for using jsonld library with browserify

jsonpject Provide a JSONP callback if necessary on a remote loaded script

jstify Browserify transform for pre-compiled Underscore and Lo-Dash templates (with HTML minification)

jsynth-mic Web Audio Mic/Line-in node from getUserMedia

jsynth-sync syncopator for audio scripting

jtype measures word and font widths and heights

karma-browserifast Fast browserify for Karma

karma-browserify Browserify for Karma

knights-templar Precompile templates with browserify, or simply compile templates if in node environment

knights-templar-br inline ye compiled templates with browserify and the knights-templar module

kom A tool for creating web components using the npm packaging system and browserify - for sweet as sweet can be re-use and encapsulation.

ktbr inline ye compiled templates with browserify and the knights-templar module

lessify Middleware and Browserify transform for less files

level-list Map lists of data in a LevelDB to DOM elements.

literalify A browserify transform for replacing require calls with arbitrary code.

liveify browserify v2 plugin for LiveScript with support for mixed .js and .ls files

loadify Make browserify bundles loadable via different methods.

loading-bar A quick-and-dirty loading bar for use in your larger demos

luhn-check validation for credit cards using the Luhn algorithm

magical magical middleware, bundled up just for you.

manifest.json An automation tool for building modules with browserify

matches-selector Check if a DOM element matches a given selector, with decent browser support and unit tests.

median a small module for node and browser to calculate median

mimosa-browserify CommonJS support for Mimosa via Browserify

min-wd Minimal WebDriver that pipes stdin to browsers

minifyify Minify your browserify bundles without losing the sourcemap

mobile-button A set of buttons for the mobile web

mochify TDD for browserified code with Mocha, PhantomJS and WebDriver

moduleify A browserify transform for shimming globals-polluting libraries.

mold-source-map Mold a source map that is almost perfect for you into one that is.

moonboots A set of tools and conventions for building/serving clientside apps with node.js

mouse-around mouse hover event for elements

mrun A simple tool for setting script properties on packages.json for watching/building less and browserify code.

msgpack-browserify msgpack for node and browsers

mvjs Move js files and update all requires automatically.

nanodom Nanodom is a small DOM manipulation library.

nanoxhr Nanoxhr is a small xhr (ajax) library.

native-buffer-browserify Node.js Buffer API, for the browser

net-browserify net module (client and server) for browserify

ng-mixin Mixin utility for Angular that makes it easier to write min-safe code

ngbmin Simple AngularJS pre-minifier. Transforms all functions that end with $ng from function-injection to array injection syntax

ngbrowserify Angular function-based injection to array-based injection transform for browserify and the command line.

nigiri Flexible hierarchical rendering engine.

nitrogen-browser-request Browser port of the Node.js 'request' package

node-csvify CSV and TSV transformations for Browserify v2

node-inserted Detect DOM element insertion.

node-lessify LESS precompiler and CSS plugin for Browserify v2

node-lessify-sauce LESS precompiler and CSS plugin for Browserify v2

node-touch Extra touch events and hover behaviour for touch devices.

node-underscorify Underscore precompiler plugin for Browserify v2

nodeQuery DOM manipulation from the server.

normalize-css normalize.css (from

npm-amd Scans installed npm modules, browserifies them if they are not AMD, and produce a path object to be consumed by RequireJS and the like.

npm-graph Prints a dependency graph of modules that is actually required

nunjucksify nunjucks transform for browserify

obelisk-browserify Browserify-compatible fork of obelisk.js, hopefully temporary

omniscroll Provides unified delta values via plugins regardless of source.

omniscroll-keyboard An omniscroll plugin for delta values coming from a KeyboardEvent

omniscroll-touch An omniscroll plugin to calculate delta values based on a TouchEvent

omniscroll-wheel An omniscroll plugin for delta values coming from a WheelEvent.

opaque Detect if an image or canvas has any transparent pixels.

open-new-tab browserify module to open a URL in a new browser tab

osm Display OpenStreetMaps.

page-slide Browserify friendly version of coenraets PageSlider

pagemaki Simple static page generator with a bias towards Sass, Browserify, gulp, and lodash templates.

pageslide Browserify friendly version of coenraets PageSlider

parametrical instant front end for your functions

parcel-detector recursively detect whether a directory with a package.json is parcel

parcel-finder recursively detect whether a directory with a package.json is parcel

parcel-map gather asset information from file globs in package.json

parcelify Create css bundles from npm packages using the browserify dependency graph.

parsed-url Short cut to get a parsed url and query string in browserify

partialify require()-able HTML, CSS, JSON and (potentially) more

path-browserify the path module from node core for browsers

phantomjsify Browserify transform to fallback node.js basics in PhantomJS

pick-at-it a browserify module that exposes a color picker as a readable stream

pipe.js The client-side library which is used in BigPipe to orchestrate the pagelets.

piping-browser Keep your code piping hot! Rebuild your client side code on change without binaries

pixi Super fast 2D rendering engine for browserify, that uses WebGL with a context 2d fallback.

pogoify browserify v2 plugin for PogoScript with support for mixed .js and .pogo files

pointer-lock pointer lock polyfill that presents an eventemitter / stream api

polly-phil Provides AMD plugin (tested with RequireJS) to conditionally require polyfills; also provides browserify transforming plugin

polymeric Wraps a collection of polymer elements into a namespace.

populist A JavaScript module loader that gives the people what they want

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