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browserstack-test Run your unit tests automatically on BrowserStack

browserstack-workers A library for creating workers on BrowserStack and retrieving results

browserstackapi Talk to the browserStackApi

browserstacktunnel-wrapper A Node.js wrapper for the BrowserStack java tunnel client

bunyip Automate client-side unit testing in real browsers using the cli

grunt-browserstack BrowserStack tasks for grunt

grunt-browserstack-tunnel Start BrowserStack tunnel.

jasmine-browserstack A Jasmine reporter that can be used to run Jasmine tests automatically on BrowserStack

karma-browserstack-launcher A Karma plugin. Launch any browser on BrowserStack!

launchpad You can launch browsers! From NodeJS! Local ones! Remote ones! Browserstack ones!

mocha-browserstack A Mocha reporter that can be used to run Mocha tests automatically on BrowserStack

node-browserstack A BrowserStack API client (v3 & screenshot)

selenium-service-example An example Node.js setup for running parallel Selenium end to end tests against a local server via SauceLabs, BrowserStack, or TestingBot.

testcafe-browserstack Add remote workers from the BrowserStack web service to the TestCafe.

testee Automated cross-browser testing made easy.

testswarm-browserstack Integration layer between TestSwarm and BrowserStack

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