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after-brunch A micro-plugin to run commands line scripts after Brunch's compile.

assetsmanager-brunch Adds multiple assets folders support to brunch.

autoprefixer-brunch Adds autoprefixer support to brunch.

blanket-brunch Add blanket.js support to brunch

brunch-with-ember-and-bootstrap A Brunch skeleton for developing clean Ember applications with CoffeeScript, Stylus, Twitter Bootstrap and Font Awesome

csscomb-brunch Gives Brunch workflows the ability to sort CSS properties.

dustjs-linkedin-brunch Adds Dustjs (LinkedIn fork) support to brunch.

groundskeeper-brunch Clean javascript files, remove console.log ect... using groundskeeper

grunt-brunch Grunt Brunch wrapper

gulp-module-system Gulp plugin to combine files into a module system. Great for creating browser compatible releases of Node.js libraries

imageoptmizer-brunch Optimize PNG and JPG images with optipng & jpegtran on --optimize

karma-commonjs-require Karma plugin to achive require method from commonjs-require-definition package used in brunch projects.

karma-ember-precompiler-brunch Handlebars precompile preprocessor for karma based on ember-precompiler-brunch plugin

keyword-brunch Adds keyword processing support to application packager.

koa-spa Single Page Application server with koa.

mimosa A lightning-fast, modular, next generation browser development tool.

mimosa-canary A modern browser development toolkit and application assembler. Compile, lint, optimize, serve and more.

nbob Ex Machina's frontend build tool

nunjucks-brunch Adds nunjucks support to brunch.

oncompile-brunch A simple brunch plugin for running code defined in your brunch config after each compile

postcss-brunch Adds PostCSS support to brunch.

react-brunch Adds React.js support to brunch.

rw-brunch Patches railway app to became Brunch's server when included as a Brunch project deps.

static-phantom-renderer-brunch Renders all pages of given Sitemap with phantomjs and copys rendered HTML to public

static-underscore-brunch Adds static underscore templates support to brunch without wrapping the output in modules of type commonjs/amd.

stylus-spritesmith-brunch Adds Stylus support to Brunch with automatic sprite sheet generation.

sweet-js-brunch Adds Sweet.js support to brunch

ugly-blanket-brunch optimizer that creates separate .min.js (UglifyJS) and .cov.js (blanketjs) files.

yaml-front-matter-brunch Adds support for YAML Front Matter to Brunch-based apps

yaml-i18n-brunch Generate yaml format i18n translation files for your brunch project

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