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anxhk client for node.js

ballin-coinbase-api Nodejs coinbase api

benjamin bitcoin trading for the rest of us

bitcoin-nanopayment Send probabilistic Bitcoin nanopayments

bitcoincharts API client for node.js

bitcore Bitcoin Library

bitstamp Bitstamp REST API wrapper

bitstamp-vwap Calculates and draws VWAP from

bittrex client for node.js

blockchain-wallet wallet API client for node.js

btc a command-line bitcoin price board for geeks

btc-e API client for node.js

btcchina BTCchina REST API wrapper

btce BTC-E Trading API

bter simple bter client

campbx API client for node.js

cexio CEX.IO REST API wrapper

cli-trader A simple commandline trading tool for BTCe

coinedup client for node.js

cosign Bitcoin Transaction Tool

cryptofetch Fetch market data from cryptocurrency exchanges

cryptopay-api API client for node.js

cryptsy Cryptsy Trading Platform API for Node.js

cryptsy-api API client for node.js

kraken-api API client library for NodeJS

libbitcoin Bitcoin nodejs library

libcoin Bitcoin Library

mtgox-apiv2 API v2 client for node.js

poloniex client for node.js

txtool Bitcoin Transaction Tool

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