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aligned-buffer Create aligned buffers to make faster disk io with less iops

api-fixture-proxy API proxy that serves fixtures from a directory.

array-buffers Treat a collection of ArrayBuffers as a single contiguous ArrayBuffer.

arraybuffer-slice Polyfill for ArrayBuffer.prototype.slice.

arrayof Array#of for older browsers and node compat

async-buffer-reader Asynchronous buffer data reader

audio-buffer-sink A web audio sink node that writes received data to an AudioBuffer

autobuffer 自动处理buffer数据,适合粘连包使用

b64-utils Simple Base64 methods (encode, decode) using Built In buffers. This means its just an abstraction and will be as reliable as nodejs buffers are.

bacon A less ugly way to deal with buffers.

bigbuffer Using list of buffer to break through V8's buffer size limitation (500M usually).

binary-parser Blazing-fast binary parser builder

binary-reader Buffered binary reader with a fluent api

bitfield a very simple bitfield implementation using buffers

bitparser Optimized parsing of bits from a Buffer

bitstring Read/write packed binary strings bit-by-bit

bitwise-xor Bitwise XOR between two Buffers or Strings, returns a Buffer

bl Buffer List: collect buffers and access with a standard readable Buffer interface, streamable too!

block-file A library to read/write blocks from a file

bop Bop, an ultra fast Boyer-Moore parser/matcher optimized for string and buffer patterns (<= 255 bytes), then it is ideal for parsing multipart/form-data streams, that have a pattern / boundary length < ~70 bytes.

bops buffer operations

browserify-buffertools A JavaScript implementation of node-buffertools to work in the browser

bt Detect content-type from Buffer data.

buf2str Convert a buffer (or buffer accepted value) to a string.

buffer Node.js Buffer API, for the browser

buffer-alpaca Buffer API library client for node.js

buffer-api Node wrapper for the Buffer API.

buffer-browserify buffer module compatibility for browserify

buffer-builder Build a buffer without knowing its size beforehand

buffer-compare Lexicographically compare two buffers.

buffer-concat concat patch for Buffer in node < 0.8.

buffer-dataview Minimal DataView implementation that works with Node.js Buffers

buffer-equal return whether two buffers are equal

buffer-equal-constant-time Constant-time comparison of Buffers

buffer-group Group Node.js Buffers together and extract the parts you need.

buffer-helper Helper for handling writting into buffers.

buffer-isequal verify if two buffers are equal

buffer-json-stream Buffer streamin JSON

buffer-reduce Bufferring for reducible data

buffer-slice slice a buffer into an array of sub buffers

buffer-split split a buffer by another buffer. think String.split()

buffer-stream-reader Naive node.js buffer stream reader

buffer-type Detect content-type from Buffer data.

buffer-writer a fast, efficient buffer writer

buffercursor A simple way to traverse a Buffer like a cursor, updating position along the way

bufferdiff A C++ module for node-js to test if two buffers are equal, fast (could add diff later).

buffered-reader Binary and event-based data buffered readers.

buffered-request request.pause() fix. Hack/patch that makes The request object buffered.

buffered-stream A writable and readable stream with bufferisation

buffered-writer Writes buffered data to files

bufferfly Bufferfly is a tiny module that generates flowers from buffers, it is not addictive like LSD, but at least is useful to break up or reassemble the data that could be sent or received over UDP

bufferhelper Concat buffer correctly.

bufferjoiner A nodejs binary buffer utility

bufferjs Pure JavaScript Buffer utils.

buffermaker buffermaker is a convenient way of creating binary strings

bufferpack Module to pack/unpack primitives and c strings into/out of a Node.js buffer

bufferput Pack multibyte binary values into buffers

bufferstream painless stream buffering and cutting

bufferstreams Abstract streams to deal with the whole buffered contents.

buffertools Working with node.js buffers made easy.

bufferview A DataView for node Buffers.

buffet Performance-oriented static file server

bufs Buffer collection utilities.

burro auto-packaged, length-prefixed JSON byte streams

butils helper functions to make buffers faster

butter Butter === nodeJS Buffer + ( some hexadecimals delights )

byte Input Buffer and Output Buffer, just like Java ByteBuffer

byte-matcher Match bytes in a buffer returning and array of objects containing the start and end indices of the matches

bytearray a Node.JS module for Buffer processing exposes API similar to ByteArray of ActionScript

bytebuffer A full-featured ByteBuffer implementation using typed arrays.

ByteBuffer pack or unpack a byte array

byter nodejs toBytes fromBytes conversion

cache-reduce Caching for reducible data structures

ceci-buffers Very simple buffer implementations for use with Ceci

clipsy a node.js port of jsclipper [JS]... which is a port of clipper [C++, C#, Delphi]

cloud-pipe Simple Buffer that automatically upload it data to S3.

clui A Node.js toolkit for drawing nice command line tables, gauges, and sparklines.

command-buffer Simple command buffer abstraction library written in JavaScript.

concat-transform transform stream that defers executing `_transform` until end

convert-buffer stream to convert from list type a to list type b

cursor Cursor implementation for node buffers

cutter Cut buffer to package

cyclist Cyclist is an efficient cyclic list implemention.

data-uri-to-buffer Generate a Buffer instance from a Data URI string

datapipe An extendable Node.js Buffer class with promised-based piping.

decoder-ring Decode binary buffers using a JSON specification

diff-buf compare two buffer in node.js and output the diff

duplexbufferstream A simple implementation of Stream.Duplex spec in Node.js

endian-buffer An endian-aware wrapper for Node.js Buffer.

endpoint Converts a stream intro a buffer or array of objects

ExBuffer usefull for socket tcp receive data

filerw A node-task compliant read-write interface for local filesystems.

flower Collection of stream classes and functions

fluent-stream Fluent octet-stream handling

fraction Fractional Buffer stream

gapbuffer Gap buffer data structure implementation

generic-slice method for TypedArrays, Buffers and Arguments

get-stdin Easier stdin

git-apply-delta apply delta buffer to target buffer

gl-buffer WebGL buffer wrapper

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