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bencoding encode/decode bencoded data

binstruct Read/write binary data structures to/from buffers.

bl Buffer List: collect buffers and access with a standard readable Buffer interface, streamable too!

browserify-buffertools A JavaScript implementation of node-buffertools to work in the browser

bufferdiff A C++ module for node-js to test if two buffers are equal, fast (could add diff later).

bufferstream painless stream buffering and cutting

buffertools Working with node.js buffers made easy.

bufs Buffer collection utilities.

joinbuffers joins an array of buffers to one big buffer

level-bufferstreams Pure buffer (multibuffer) streams for leveldb. Faster/less memory overhead than the default streams, useful for bulk operations.

massagist streaming data formats

multibuffer Package Arrays of Buffers into a single buffer that they can be later unpacked from.

multibuffer-stream A streaming interface for multibuffer.

netbuffer General purpose & network buffer extensions.

proto2json Google Protocol Buffers .proto files to JSON converter

riak-pb Riak Protocol Buffers Client

simple_redis_client It's a pretty simple and basic redis client, designed to be very fast and keep all code simple.

stream-tokenizr parse and tokenize binary streams with a simple fluent, streaming api

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