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compiln-stylus Compiln plugin to render Stylus.

component-prebuilder A Component builder that handles various preprocessors.

component-source Print a component's source files

concatenate-files Concatenate files

connect-assetmanager Middleware for Connect (node.js) for handling your static assets.

connect-sticky Connect middleware to concatenate, minify and serve client-side javascript

consolidate-build Does for languages that can be 'built' what consolidate.js does for templates

convoy Pluggable, package-aware asset pipeline for node

cortex-singlify build cortex package into one

couchdb-build-views Build CouchDB Views after a migration or fresh install

cozy Tools to develop Cozy applications easily

cozy-dev Tools to develop Cozy applications easily

cram An AMD-compatible build tool.

crank tool to update version number and changelog, for npm module development

croak Grunt made easy for large and distributed projects

css-combo css module combo tool

cssutil A utility tool for building/minifying/concatenating LESS and CSS files

csxs A build tool for Adobe® Creative Suite® and Creative Cloud® extensions. Create, compile, debug, package, and deploy to S3 with ease!

db-builder Simple devops database build toolkit

dependability Dependable ordering of JS & CSS files during build and dynamically during development.

depot_tools Helper module for downloading and working with google's depot_tools

digits Pad numbers with zeros. Automatically pad the number of digits based on the length of the array, or explicitly pass in the number of digits to use.

docpad DocPad is a next generation web architecture that lets you create fast static websites with dynamic abilities and powerful abstractions. Write your website as files on your computer, entries in a database, or even RSS feeds and DocPad will import it, gene

domjs Build dom structure easy way with plain js. Client and server side template engine

doozer-build An HTML-smart app build process.

dryice A CommonJS/RequireJS packaging tool for browser scripts

dustify Dustify: the dustjs template compiler

easy-bake EasyBake provides an efficient environment for CoffeeScript library developers: CoffeeScript/Javascript-based configuration files (no coding needed), workflow (build, watch, clean, preview) tests (QUnit, Jasime, NodeUnit, server-side emulation with ModuleBundler), publishing (git, npm, NuGet). Replace your Cakefile with a Bakefile today!

easypack This is a very, very simple build tool to packege the js and css includes in a html file into one combined js and css (optionally minified) files

ekam Package builder with includes

encapsulate Really simple Javascript build system. Compile multiple source files into one, based on a build file named 'encapsulate.json' in the working directory.

eris Eris is a framework-agnostic JavaScript toolkit for building real-world applications.

es6-module-packager ES6 module linking tool.

escher Build tool for escher

example-assemble-anchor Example of using the Assemble plugin assemble-anchor

example-assemble-toc Example on how to use the Assemble plugin assemble-toc

fabricate Combines mincer and uglify-js to build dependent files and a source map

fedtools Set of tools for FEDs

feinit A toolkit for Front-end developer

file-manifest Require all the files in a directory into a single object

find-used-lodash Use esprima to find and detect used lodash packages

fis_mz a wrapper of fis to build seajs project

flash-build-api Various (opinionated) wrappers for binaries of the air and flex sdk

flour Javascript build tools based on coffee-script & cake

forge insert something here

frequire require() for the browser - works with npm modules, browserify modules, components, expose objects and more

fuller-concat Fuller tool: concatenation files

fuller-js Fuller plugin: Javascript building.

fuller-less Fuller tool: lesscss building

fuller-uglify Fuller tool: js uglifying

gazer Watch some files, do a thing

gear Gear.js - Build System for Node.js and the Browser

gear-lib Collection of common Gear.js tasks

gear-yui Build YUI with Gear.js

geartrain Simple Javascript dependency management

gee-cli gee launcher

generator-amd-build Yeoman generator

generator-docs Yeoman generator for Writer. Generate project documentation templates or a README template for Writer to build.

generator-go-static Go-Static! is a static site generator that employs the tools developers already know and love. Yeoman to scaffold out your project and Grunt to generate the output.

generator-gruntfile A gruntfile generator for Yeoman

generator-tamagotchi Yeoman generator for fun & profit

generator-verb Kickstart documentation for any project! This is the official Yeoman generator for Verb, a zero-configuration markdown documentation generator that is extremely easy to use and extend.

glint Glint is an asset (css, js, whatever-you-need) management that helps you organize and manage your client side files

global-wrap Exposes your CommonJS-based libraries as a global.

gluten Javascript builder for components

grind Compile your caffeinated languages.

grunt The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-abricos Grunt plugin for Abricos Platform

grunt-amd-build EXPERIMENTAL - Grunt plugin to build AMD applications.

grunt-amd-wrap Grunt task to wrap CommonJS files in `define(function (require, exports, module) { ... })`.

grunt-assemble Static site generator for Grunt.js and Yeoman. Assemble makes it dead simple to build modular sites, blogs, gh-pages, components and documentation from reusable templates and data.

grunt-assetsbuilder Grunt task for build assets

grunt-beez-confbuilder Build configuration files for beez project template.

grunt-branches Run specified task against all remote branches of a git submodule

grunt-build-lifecycle Flexible build lifecycles for grunt

grunt-buildfiles Build and set javascript, css, html, and less assets dynamically for other grunts tasks (jshint, concat, uglify) and to build index.html and other grunt template files

grunt-bump-build-git Bump the version, build the project and add, commit and tag in git in one step.

grunt-bumper Bump package version, run tasks, git tag, commit & push.

grunt-closurefx-builder A Grunt task for Closure FX Builder.

grunt-coexist Compile source files together regardless of language

grunt-coffee-build Builds hybrid coffeescript/javascript commonjs projects to run anywhere transparently(amd, commonjs or plain browser load), generating combined source maps and optionally browserifying dependencies.

grunt-coffee-toaster Grunt for CoffeeScript Toaster.

grunt-coffee-toaster-api Grunt for Coffee Toaster Api.

grunt-dev-exitprocess The JavaScript Task Runner

grunt-directives Simple grunt task to use include directives in your files

grunt-durandal Grunt Durandal Builder - Build durandal project using a custom require config and a custom almond

grunt-ember Compile Ember templates

grunt-fabricate Grunt wrappings for node-fabricate

grunt-fail Stop grunt execution with an error message and exit code of choice.

grunt-git-ref-changed-files Detects which files have changed between two git refs.

grunt-git-remote-tag Creates a tag in the provided repository folder and push it to an specific remote.

grunt-global-wrap Grunt task to expose your CommonJS-based libraries as a global.

grunt-html-build Grunt HTML Builder - Appends scripts and styles, Removes debug parts, append html partials, Template options

grunt-image-normalize Grunt task to normalize images into a preset size

grunt-imageoptim Automate ImageOptim, ImageAlpha, and JPEGmini

grunt-insert Insert code from one file into another.

grunt-jade-filerev-usemin replace references to script/css in jade file with minified revved script/css from filerev

grunt-jade-usemin Grunt plugin for running UseMin on Jade files

grunt-jenkins-build-number Retrieves the latest build number/state from Jenkins.

grunt-jsonlint Validate JSON files from grunt.

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