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assetgraph-middleware Express middleware for optimizing and manipulating HTML pages and their related assets while serving them

assetify Node client-side asset manager tool

boiler Bundle Node.js libraries for the browser

brewer Asset compilation/packaging/compression utility

cassette-express Punk, carefree Browser-side Javascript Asset Bundling for Express sites

clumper Runtime module bundling, request batching, anticipated dependency loading, and localStorage caching to eliminate extraneous HTTP requests for javascript assets.

docpad-plugin-buildr Adds support for Buildr to DocPad

express-bundles A dumb asset bundling middleware for Express

grunt-css-urls Grunt task to make css urls relative to a main css file with @import rules

grunt-git-ref-changed-files Detects which files have changed between two git refs.

manage Manage is a light weight asset manager.

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