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amqp-gelf-stream Creates a stream to work with bunyan to send log messages to an amqp server in gelf format. This is derivative of gelf-stream which provides a direct connection to a Graylog2 server.

bunyan-axon axon transport for bunyan logs

bunyan-between Filter bunyan logs in a given time frame. Based on bunyan-reltime from Chakrit Wichian.

bunyan-elasticsearch A Bunyan stream for sending log data to Elasticsearch

bunyan-emailstream Send email on bunyan log record

bunyan-env Bunyan logger working with ENV vars

bunyan-format Writable stream that formats bunyan records that are piped into it.

bunyan-logentries Bunyan logger stream for Logentries

bunyan-loggly A bunyan stream to transport logs to loggly

bunyan-pilgrim A REST-oriented logger for Bunyan

bunyan-prettystream A stream implementation of the bunyan cli tool's pretty printing capabilities

bunyan-promise Bunyan formatted tracking of outstanding promises, progress, errors, and resolution times.

bunyan-raven A bunyan-compatible stream interface that sends error logs to raven-node.

bunyan-readable Make bunyan logs readable

bunyan-reltime Filter bunyan logs using relative time.

bunyan-request-logger Automated request logging connect middleware for Express. Powered by Bunyan.

bunyan-serializers A few customized serializers for the bunyan logging framework

bunyan-socket Bundle up all of your bunyan log messages by streaming them to one bunyan-server.

bunyan-sqs Stream node-bunyan logs to a SQS queue

bunyan-winston-adapter Allows to use winston logger in restify server without really using bunyan.

bunyan-yal-server extensible log server for bunyan (via bunyan-axon)

bunyon cleaner than bunyan

express-bunyan-logger a bunyan logger middleware for express

gelf-stream A stream to send JS objects to a Graylog2 server (in GELF format)

grunt-bunyan Grunt task to pipe grunt output through bunyan cli

logger-json-stderr log in json-format, only to stderr, using Bunyan

messina Utility for getting logs into Graylog2

nconf-bunyan-bridge Bridge between nconf and bunyan

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