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antenna Ubiquitous message bus for Node.js.

bellhop Pubsub and RPC streams for node.js

esb enterprise service bus implementation

event-bus An event bus built on top of events library of Node.JS

eventbus Event bus

hubby A high feature, distributed, low latency and secure message exchange bus based on redis and mongodb

msgbus NodeJS IPC Message Bus (client+server)

my511 Get realtime bus information for the San Francisco Bay Area (via

nextrip Get realtime bus information for the Twin Cities. Uses NexTrip from Metro Transit.

node-jet The JSON Bus. Daemon and Peer implementation.

node-resquebus an implementation of resquebus in node

node-septa Node library that simplifies SEPTA's real-time data API

nt-bus Event bus for both node and client side.

oyster TFL Oyster Scraper

postal Pub/Sub library providing wildcard subscriptions, complex message handling, etc. Works server and client-side.

postal.request-response postal.js add-on that provides a request/response pattern API.

postal.when A postal.js add-on enabling an aggregated response to a group of messages.

rebus rebus - reactive Pub/Sub bus for sharing data between nodejs applications running on the same host

rejseplan-depatures Fetch departure lists from Rejseplanen API

remq Redis-backed durable message queue

simplemule Mule-like components processing arbitrary messages

tengo-bus tengo BUS

tfl-bus-api Grab bus info

trammi ETA app for public transport of Milan city

transport-api wrapper around TransportAPI

zmqbus A broker-less message bus with failover

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