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binstring Convert binary data to and from various string representations

byte Input Buffer and Output Buffer, just like Java ByteBuffer

convert-hex Convert to/from hex string and array of bytes

convert-string Convert to/from strings and array of bytes

cryptocoin-ripemd160 Compute RIPEMD160 of bytes or strings.

cryptocoin-sha256 Compute SHA256 of bytes or strings.

file-size Lightweight filesize to human-readable / proportions w/o dependencies.

human-format Converts a number to/from a human readable string: `1337` ↔ `1.34kB`

key-forge A simple random key generator for use with Node.

mr.rager A simple and extremely chill parser for the Content-Range header, written in Javascript

parse-metric Translates numbers with metric prefixes into plain JavaScript Numbers

pretty-bytes Convert bytes to a human readable string: 1337 → 1.34 kB

prettysize Convert bytes to other sizes for prettier logging

prettyuse format memory use for humans. uses prettysize

request-progress Tracks the download progress of a request made with mikeal/request

ripemd160 Compute RIPEMD160 of bytes or strings.

scotty A thin wrapper for real media streaming over HTTP in node.js

sha256 Compute SHA256 of bytes or strings.

speedometer simple speed measurement in javascript

twinkle Decode all device's message using its specification

utf8-bytes return an array of bytes from a unicode string

utf8-length return the number of bytes in a unicode string

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