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abaaso abaaso is a modern, lightweight Enterprise class RESTful JavaScript application framework.

alexandria A storage interface to store crawled content in Elasticsearch

alzheimer Advanced memoization with promise and stream support

amygdala Amygdala browser library

angular-promise-cache AngularJS service that provides a generic way to cache promises and ensure all cached promises are resolved correctly.

apicache An ultra-simplified API/JSON response caching middleware for Express/Node using plain-english durations.

apiserver-router A fast API router with integrated caching system

arr-cache Simple cache module using array as storage

asc A middleware layer between a service and a client. The service could be an in-process library, a file, an external web service, anything. Any time the results from a resource call can be cached, you can use ASC as a proxy to that resource.

asset-cache Asset server with caching in node.js. Used for local development

async-cache Cache your async lookups and don't fetch the same thing more than necessary.

backbone-cache-sync A server-side adapter that caches Backbone.fetch requests using Redis.

backbone-db-cache Caching support for backbone-db

backbone-localstorage Backbone localStorage

backbone.localstoragesync A caching layer between the client and server.

backhoe Module to clear the commonjs module cache and mock modules.

basiccache An extremely basic cache with a simple expiry system

better-cache Rails like caching for node.js

bloknot Tout ce qu'il faut pour Nodejs !

bloodmoney A simple cache banking system using redis

bluecache In-memory, Promises/A+ lru-cache via bluebird

boobst Simple Node.js Caché driver

booty-cache Dead sexy URL caching utility for Express/Connect

bounded-cache A fast synchronous memory cache forgetting the least recently used entry when the maximal number of entries is reached

broccoli-filter Helper base class for Broccoli plugins that map input files into output files one-to-one

browser-badge-cached generate browser version compatibility badges or serve them from cache

buffer-reduce Bufferring for reducible data

busta Util to fingerprint asset filenames.

cabinetkv Brainless Key/Value storage for MongoDB

cabrel-catbox Fork of -- Multi-strategy object caching service

cache-advice function decorators for caching

cache-advice-redis interface for cache-advice, using redis

cache-back Adaptable datastore node cache utility

cache-bust Create cache-busted versions of a file using the MD5 hash of the file's contents.

cache-client An easy to use cache client that allows use for memcached, redis, or lru-cache

cache-file Store and get files from cache

cache-manager Cache module for Node.js

cache-quest a simple drop-in cache for request

cache-queue queued caching

cache-reduce Caching for reducible data structures

cache-shrinkwrap Add all dependencies contained in an npm-shrinkwrap.json file to the npm cache.

cache-storage Advanced cache storage for node js

cache-swap A simple temp file based swap for speeding up operations

cache2file Cache string information to files

cacheable A cache wrapper with redis

cacheable-middleware Middleware component to set cache headers on responses from an Express or Connect server

cachebox Mongo-driven query cache that supports geospatial lookups

cachecontrol.js ---------

cached Simple access to a cache

cached-object Javascript Memory Cache

cacheify Wraps browserify transforms in a caching stream.

cacheio Cache library for in-memory caching of data coming from backends

cachejs Implementation of async LRU and ARC cache.

cachelicious Delicious Node.js file stream cacher and HTTP cache server

cacheman Small and efficient cache provider for Node.JS with In-memory, Redis and MongoDB engines

cacheman-file File caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

cacheman-memory In-memory caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

cacheman-mongo MongoDB standalone caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for cacheman

cacheman-redis Redis standalone caching library for Node.JS and also cache engine for Cacheman

cachemere A nice, smooth, cushiony layer of cache

cacheout High performance http client and server output caching for node.js express

cacher A memcached backed http cache in the form of express middleware

caches NodeJS Cache Abstraction

cacheskin cache consistency manager in Node.js.

cachetree A scoped, fluent API for easily interacting with hierarchical, key-value data

cachetree-redis Redis storage backend for Cachetree

cacheup A general purpose cache library

cachey Redis Based Cache Facilitator

cachify A HTML5 Cache Manifest Genorator.

caching-agent http.Agent with built-in cache

caching-coffeeify A coffeeify version that caches previously compiled coffee-script to optimize the coffee-script compilation step.

cachou Simple and fast cache module based on redis.

cachy Simple cache of keys and javascript objects as json, uses other modules to provide storage

cachy-default Default storage for cachy cache if none is given (throws errors about storage config)

cachy-filesystem Filesystem based storage for cachy caches

cachy-memory Memory based storage for cachy caches

cachy-memory-persistent Flushable/loadable memory based storage for cachy caches

cashbox javascript cache library with configurable storage

cashed An in memory HTTP file serving cache that compresses once and serves many times

cashier a module for caching static http responses in memory

catbox Multi-strategy object caching service

catbox-crypto Ephemeral encryption layer for catbox cache strategy engines.

catbox-memcached Memcached adapter for catbox

catbox-memory Memory adapter for catbox

catbox-mongodb MongoDB adapter for catbox

catbox-redis Redis adapter for catbox

catbox-riak Riak adapter for catbox

cellar Brainless short-term single-document storage for MongoDB

chaps cache fronted http api caller

chiron A system of interoperable JavaScript modules, including a Pythonic type system and types

chug The caching build system

clockcache An easy to use caching mechanism based on the clock cache algorithm.

cm common Node modules/utils that I use

coffee-cache Caches the contents of required CoffeeScript files so that they are not recompiled to help improve startup time

collective Data synchronization/cache tool for multiple Node.js instances.

connect-cache Caching system for Connect

connect-cache-control Connect middleware to prevent the browser from caching the response.

connect-cache-manifest Express/connect middleware to generate HTML5 cache manifest file

connect-cachify Connect middleware to provide easy frontend caching.

connect-dyncache Connect middleware to enable intelligent cache headers for dynamic content

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