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brauhaus A javascript library for homebrew beer calculations, both in the browser and on the server

calc Simple cmd line calculator

calcmd Commandline calculator. [DEMONSTARTION for itfactory's node.js course.]

calculator simple cli calculator

gps-util GPS related functionalities

liberty Calculate statutory and other holidays.

lmi Lenders Mortgage Insurance calculator for Australian Home Loans

loan-calc Calculate monthly loan payments

networker design your own ipv4/6 networks

npm-calculator This is a demo npm-calculator

py python interpreter in javascript

sci-calc Command-line cientific calculator based on node REPL, with the possibility to declare functions and variables, and save them and load them. This command-line calculator possesses a permanent history.

stamp-duty Stamp Duty calculator for Australian Home Loans

studyflow-calculator Modular JavaScript Calculator

stylus-modular-scale Create rhythmic sizes from a given musical

tapline A homebrew beer recipe API server backed by MongoDB

tax-calculator Node commandline application to calculate tax

uk-income-tax UK Income Tax Calculator

uk-national-insurance UK National Insurance Calculator

uk-student-loan UK Student Loan Calculator

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