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addTimeout Wraps a callback to handle a timeout. If the timeout occurs before the callback being called, it either uses the first argument for returning the TimeoutError (Node.JS style) or let it handle by a specialized handler

arg1 Function wrapper that only passes 1st argument to function

asunder A small library useful for splitting apart callbacks by their arguments.

async-chains Asynchronous callback chains with support for caolan's async module

async-eventemitter Just like EventEmitter, but with support for callbacks and interuption of the listener-chain

async-hook Hook intro async methods

async-minihelper A lightweight helper for async callbacks

asyncawait async/await for node.js

asynctask 轻量级异步流程控制工具

axon-callback Axon with callback stack

bsync-fibers Extremely easy fibers/futures library (using node-fibers). Also wraps caolan/async functions for better fiber-ized syntax.

bulk-loader Load all files matching a regex and performs a callback on them.

cadence A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for highly-parallel control flows.

callable Callback helper with proper domain error handling

callback Expressive, terse, functions for aynchronous and callback functions

callback-count Count your callbacks before continuing. A tiny control flow helper that supports dynamic counting.

callback-reduce Callbacks made reducible

callback-stream A pipeable stream that calls your callback

callback-timeout Invokes callback with single error argument if timeout occurs before it's invoked by other means

callback-with Generates a function that is called with initially supplied arguments

callback-wrappers wrappers for async callbacks that implement common error handling scenarios

callbacker Parse the last argument in a function as the callback function

callbacks An experimental callback system

candle A module for weak referenced callbacks with timeouts.

cb-promise Allow your methods be called by Callbacks or Promises.

cbd Callback default. Return a noop function for when no callback function has been passed.

chain-reaction Simple flow-control functions

chainjs Chainjs call each async function step by step, let async function callback fairily.

chopchop-js Asynchronous processing utilities for the browser (AMD) and for node.

connect-callback A middleware for Connect and Express that allows sending data to a response stream using the callback API

consume Consume a callback without complecting handling with errorHandling

continuable-fantasy Fantasy-land compliant continuables

convention Convert from err, success cbs to a single (err, results) cb, and back.

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

ctrl Simplifies asynchronous control flow in javascript making making parallel code, synchronous code, and error handling simple

debugcallback Simple debugging of callbacks

deferred-open Make methods wait for async constructors.

dispatch.js Coroutine-based execution machinery for ES6

domainit Wrap a function within the confines of a domain using the simple callback form you know and love.

emit-and-callback Extend (prototype) events.EventEmitter with an emitAndCallback function.

end-of-stream Call a callback when a readable/writable/duplex stream has completed or failed.

end-through even simpler stream construction

ercb For those who don't like the node (er, result) convention

event-drive Create event emitter with reactive callback

event-emitter-grouped Emit events in serial or parallel with support for synchronous and asynchronous listeners

event-scheduler An event emitter wrapper, nested callback remover

extract-opts Extract the options and callback from a function's arguments easily

fi Javascript library for writing, chaining and using conditional statements in a functional way

fibby Use fibers with functions that take callbacks.

first A tiny control-flow library for node

flawless A callback factory which splits away handling errors into a separate flow and thus requiring less boilerplate code.

flux-link Callback chaining library to improve control flow in async-heavy programs.

freakset A Workflow module that supports steps, groups, guards, rescues, parallel execution, events and dynamic stack modifications.

freeform a small asynchronous task order manager

func-queue A simple function sequence & concurrent execute Queue.

funcflow Simplifies asynchronous control flow in javascript making making parallel code, synchronous code, and error handling simple

gen-run Generator Async Runner. Makes it possible to yield and wait for callbacks and thunks.

genny A tiny ES6 (harmony) library for node 0.11.2+ that helps you use generators with node style callbacks.

genzen Zen for Generators

give-me A simple js library to manage deferred functions with a callbacks-style syntax

gonna callback trigger for testing

happenstance A Swiss Army asynchronous control flow function for JavaScript.

hooks-callback Fork of hooks adding support for callback functions and modification of the callback variables.

intercept-events Intercept (add listeners to) all events from events.EventEmitter.

interject Do something just before a callback is executed

jonas Monad and Reactive Programming for JavaScript, leveraging Q promises

JQDeferred jQuery deferreds source and unit tests ported verbatim to nodejs using minimal, automated, code transformation

jspipe JS/Pipe - coordinating asynchronous code without callbacks or chained functions

kall Javascript callback utilities.

listen Wait for the results of multiple callbacks

lockfn Collection of function locking objects.

man Provides a series of helper functions that allow you to perform asynchronous iteration and flow control.

memeda More graceful callback

ncbt callback tools

next.js a tiny library for callback style async programing

nextup A simple callback pyramid of DOOM (dun dun dun) eliminator.

nicely a minimalist asynchronous handler, inspired by _.after from underscore.

node-asyncify use plain old functions asynchronously as node-style callbacks

node-clerk Validate input with callback

nodeify Convert promised code to use node style callbacks

nodent NoDent - Asynchronous Javascript language extensions

object-subscribe Unobtrusive object subscribe / watch / bind

ooo Another async pattern for node, based on EventEmmitter

optfn Handles optional callbacks in node.js-style functions receiving them.

pedding Just pedding for callback.

pierre A waiter module. Wait for this id to be served then run this function

plain-promise Simple promise implementation (for educational purposes)

plan-callback plan plugin for posting to a url

popfun pop array, if last element is function

poseidon Simplify Node Callback APIs with an optimized promise layer that doesnt compromise on performance.

promiseback Accept an optional node-style callback, and also return a spec-compliant Promise!

promised from Node-style callback API to promise API

promiseto A convenience method for converting methods requiring a callback to return a promise instead

promix Mix promises with callbacks for improved control flow

proxmis A generator for creating promises that can be used as node.js callbacks.

pubsubway Plain pubsub module with a spice of logic to when subscribers get the message. Get out of the callback hell - take the subway in a trafic jam.

pump pipe streams together and close all of them if one of them closes

redis-callback Callbacks through redis to make cross-server calls a breeze

rescue Catch and propagate errors in user provided callback.

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