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asunder A small library useful for splitting apart callbacks by their arguments.

async-series Run a series of callbacks in sequence.

atbar Async callback manager for javascript in nodejs and browser

callback Expressive, terse, functions for aynchronous and callback functions

callback-pool Simple utility to queue callbacks in a pool until the drain has been unplugged.

callback-with Generates a function that is called with initially supplied arguments

callbackmaybe I just met you / and this is crazy / but here's a module / CallbackMaybe

deferrables A system of abusing callbacks

deferred-chain A system of abusing callbacks

dnode freestyle rpc

do The simplest way to manage callbacks.

fantasy-async Wrap Node.js callback functions in functional promises

fn-callable Function manipulation library

functional-pipeline Quickly chain method calls, property access and functions in natural left to right expression

gatherer Fire a callback when a whole bunch of other callbacks are complete

holdup Wrangle CommonJS Promises.

lasync An simple and tiny async library

negative1 Ensure the last parameter to your method is a callback

node-fsm-http FSM that uses remote HTTP calls to allow state transitions

node-swallow swallows and rethrows errors in two-args callbacks

nox Nox - write Node.js web apps faster

phantomstig PhantomStig ===========

proceed fluent flow control without the boilerplate

promiseback Accept an optional node-style callback, and also return a spec-compliant Promise!

qpatch Module for patching JS Classes using callbacks to use Q promises

runner5 Callback wrapper

subscribable Lightweight library for adding pub sub to any application on the server and in the client

to-locals transform callback-functions into connect middlewares, dumping their content to res.locals

together Run consecutive callback code as if it was synchronous to avoid nesting.

yielding Easy generators

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