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bots Build robust networks of bots that can react to events

campfire Use node.js to interact with Campfire.

hubot A simple helpful robot for your Company

hubot-future-messages-campfire Send messages to people currently not in the room

hubot-prmanager PR Manager Script for Hubot

hubot-scripts Allows you to opt in to a variety of scripts

lifeguard Monitor and restart processes on deployment.

passport-37signals 37signals authentication strategy for Passport.

ranger A node.js library for interacting with Campfire

smores Node powered Campfire API library

socket-twitchat IRC-like chatroom + Twitter live-stream

sooty Node powered Campfire bot framework

termcamp A command-line interface for Campfire.

wadey-ranger wadey's fork of: A node.js library for interacting with Campfire

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