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infogra Infographic Modeller & Viewer

kassics Lighting fast 2d graphics without canvas

kinetic Hi all! I will be taking a 3 month break from KineticJS (until July 2014) to focus on other endeavors. KineticJS is in a great state right now (v5.1.0). Please continue to file any issues that you may find, or submit pull requests. They will eventually

knob Canvas based knob widget for the browser

leaflet-image export leaflet maps as images

leaflet.heat A tiny and fast Leaflet heatmap plugin.

lut Render RGB lookup tables to a canvas

mapnik Tile rendering library for node

nchart nChart for node.js inspired by Chart.js.

ndarray-canvas Render an ndarray to a canvas

node-ccss Create Css Sprite

node-easel node wrapper for EaselJS, utilizing node-canvas.

node-topography canvas-topography =================

node-topology canvas-topography =================

node-untile Combines map tiles into a large map

obelisk-browserify Browserify-compatible fork of obelisk.js, hopefully temporary

obelisk.js JavaScript Engine for Building Pixel Isometric Element with HTML5 Canvas

obelisk.js-browserify-test JavaScript Engine for Building Pixel Isometric Element with HTML5 Canvas

ocanvas Library for HTML5 Canvas, based on objects instead of pixels.

omgcanvas <canvas> implementation on top of Plask / Skia.

pagediff Node based cli tool using PhantomJS to take screenshots of a webpage and compare it to a previous version

palette Image color palette with node-canvas

paper The Swiss Army Knife of Vector Graphics Scripting

passport-facebook-canvas Facebook canvas authentication strategy for Passport.

phantomjs-pixel-server PhantomJS server that converts canvas actions into pixels

pixeler Drawing in your terminal, such as draw line, circle, polygon.make your terminal like canvas.

pixi Super fast 2D rendering engine for browserify, that uses WebGL with a context 2d fallback.

pngsmith png engine for spritesmith

post-process A generic GLSL post-processing module for applying super-speedy GPU effects to images, videos and canvas elements

primo-camera Camera system on top of canvas for PrimoJS

primo-canvas Offscreen canvas for PrimoJS

primo-menu Basic menu system for PrimoJS

primo-spritemap Spritemap module for HTML5 canvas and PrimoJS

primo-ui A very basic overlay manager for PrimoJS

qcanver Canvas API wrapper and some useful functions.

qr-js Library for QR code generation using canvas

qrcode QRCode / 2d Barcode api with both server side and client side support using canvas

qunit-assert-canvas A QUnit plugin for asserting individual pixel values within a Canvas element.

rasterizehtml Renders HTML into the browser's canvas.

react-art React ART is a JavaScript library for drawing vector graphics using [React](

ribs Responsive Images Backed Server-side.

rogoto-js A javascript library to parse and draw on a canvas the Rogoto commands

rotate-component Canvas rotation with origin support

rounded-rect Rounded canvas rectangles

rsz Resize images as files or Buffers

shape Simple 2D shape generators

simpleheat A tiny JavaScript library for drawing heatmaps with Canvas

simplify path simplfication utility

simplify-sketch path simplification for 'sketch'

sketch Sketch canvas drawing component

snowscape snowscape for terminal

solitairewin You win!

splat2d A 2D HTML5 Canvas game engine

sprite CSS sprite sheet generator

spritey Browserify friendly sprite loader compatible with BrowserQuest sprite format

style-component Style canvas renders using CSS Graph API for visualization and generative art

sz Determine the size / dimensions of an image

t-dex draws a timeline with arbitrary intervals to html canvas

TeeChart Charting and graphing node.js module

term-canvas Terminal canvas api written with node.js

tessel-canvas-browser canvas output for tessel in browsers

thmb An image thumbnailer

ti-welder Welds images for Titanium SDK projects

universal-canvas small wrapper to use canvas across environments easily

vbench visual benchmarking with node-canvas

video-canvas Display Videos In Canvas Element

visualizerjs Canvas Visualization (library/class/whathaveyou)

xcb-canvas Uses node-canvas to render directly to an XCB drawable. In other words native application that uses canvas API

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