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ayah An API frontend for captcha replacement 'are you a human'

captcha2 captcha version 2

captchafa CAPTCHAfa NodeJS module

ccap node.js generate captcha using c++ library CImg without install any other lib or software

crcaptcha Show and check the Civil Rights Captcha

de-captcher nodejs library

easy-captcha Easily add captcha to forms

ecp a simple verification code

homosapien simpler and more effective captcha: human cognition beats visual perception

librecaptcha librecaptcha renders and verifies reCAPTCHA captchas.

math-captcha generates math questions for use as a captcha via latex

node-captcha captcha generator for node.

patterncaptcha Android like pattern matching captcha system for your node webapps.

ravens node.js contact form handler using ReCaptcha

recaptcha-async Handles calling reCAPTCHA asyncronously.

ricoptcha recaptcha node module written by Rico

ringcaptcha Node.js wrapper for the RingCaptcha API

solvemedia A Node.JS module that handles calls to SolveMedia API (display and verification).

sweetcaptcha SweetCaptcha Javascript Node SDK

visualcaptcha Node.js module for visualCaptcha. Still requires you to have the front-end companion.

yandex-cleanweb Yandex.CleanWeb (Captcha & Antispam) Interface

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