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bivouac BVH parser for JavaScript

cap A cross-platform binding for performing packet capturing with node.js

capture Captures Screenshots using Phantom.js

capture-proxy A http proxy that can be used to intercept http requests and persist the request and response payloads.

cutiecapt Easy webpage screenshots

events-brick Lego cross browser events plugin with event delegation, touch mapping and filtering.

express-har-capture Express middleware for capturing HAR (HTTP ARchive)-files

grabzit Automatically create screenshots of website for free, with GrabzIt. Screenshots can be output in a variety of formats including: JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, PDF, CSV and XLSX.

grunt-sauce-screenshots Takes screenshots of webpages in various browsers using Sauce

gully Brick cross browser events plugin with event delegation, touch mapping and filtering.

imagesnapjs An npm/nodejs wrapper for imagesnap

matcap GLSL shaders for calculating/rendering Spherical Environment Maps, or "matcaps"

microphone microphone is a simple module that use `arecord` ALSA tools method to capture sound from a USB Microphone

named-regexp Append named-capture feature to JavaScript RegExp

ncopy A command line utility for copying files

open-thumbnailer An open source thumbnailer framework

pagecapture Captures screenshots, html, or plain text of a web site using Phantom.js

Peek Simple http grabber

prevent-backspace Prevents the backspace from navigating back in the browser.

rattrap Temporarily capture all mouse events

regex-extract extracts text out of the first capturing group

revealjs-capture Capture Reveal.js slides as images

simple-capture Extremely simple RegExp style string captures

snapshot.js Take a snapshot of a URL

steward A service to continuously watch your computer's desktop and warn you if anything changes on the screen.

stream-copy Copy writable streams to other writable streams.

webpap Take multiple pictures of a web page via the well known "say cheese", "cheeeese" retoric. i.e. ask to take a picture, webpage signals when it's ready, picture is taken.

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