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adt Algebraic data types for Javascript

applesstt-uppercaseme Converts files to uppercase(my first npm package test)

arthur Converts files to uppercase

basketcase JavaScript algebraic data types, pattern matching and multi methods

camel-case Camel case a string

camelize-http-headers Function to camelize HTTP headers

case Extensible string utility for converting, identifying and flipping string case

change-case Convert a string between camelCase, PascalCase, Title Case, snake_case and more.

constant-case Constant case a string

dot-case Dot case a string

fi Javascript library for writing, chaining and using conditional statements in a functional way

humps Underscore-to-camelCase converter (and vice versa) for strings and object keys in JavaScript.

lower-case Lowercase a string

lowercaseme Converts files to lowercaseme

minify-html-css-js Minify js , css and html file

morph Lightweight string transformations

namecase Module for fixing capitalization of people's names

obj-case Work with objects of different cased keys

param-case Param case a string

pascal-case Pascal case a string

path-case Path case a string

sentence-case Sentence case a string

snake-case Snake case a string

swap-case Swap the case of a string

title-case Title case a string

title-case-minors A list of the minor words that shouldn't be capitalized in a title case string.

titlecase Intelligently converting strings to title case (an enhanced fork of David Gouch's library)

to-camel-case Convert a string to camel case.

to-capital-case Convert a string to capital case.

to-constant-case Convert a string to constant case.

to-dot-case Convert a string to dot case.

to-no-case Remove an existing case from a string.

to-pascal-case Convert a string to pascal case.

to-sentence-case Convert a string to sentence case.

to-slug-case Convert a string to slug case.

to-snake-case Convert a string to snake case.

to-space-case Convert a string to space case.

to-title-case Convert a string to title case.

tpaas Check tpaas webserver

upper-case Uppercase a string

uppercase Converts files to uppercase

uppercasefile Converts files to uppercase

uppercaseme Converts files to uppercase

uppercaseme-phuong Converts files to uppercase

uppercaseme-therealdeal Converts files to uppercase

uppercaseme-trananhphuong Converts files to uppercase

uppercaseme1 Converts files to uppercase

uppercasemepurush Converts files to uppercase

uppercasemetest Converts files to uppercase

uppercasetest Converts files to uppercase

uppercaseyou Converts files to uppercase

uxadt Universal extensible representation for algebraic data types.

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