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action-at-a-distance Use to drive CasperJS

casper-chai Extends Chai with assertions for CasperJS testing.

casper-flow Expressive end-to-end testing with casperjs

conjure Parallel CasperJS runner, BDD flow, module-based tests, API helpers

generator-casper-yadda Yeoman generator to create interface tests with CasperJS and Yadda

grunt-casper Run Casper CLI Scripts With Grunt

grunt-casperjs With this grunt.js task you can run tests with CasperJS.

grunt-casperjs-plugin With this grunt.js task you can run tests with CasperJS, based on grunt-casperjs []

grunt-ghost Grunt task to run CasperJS tests

grunt-mocha-casperjs Grunt wrapper for mocha-casperjs

grunt-testflow UI Web testing with user flows

jqasper jQasper is a jQuery proxy for CasperJS. It lets you write jQuery-style DOM manipulations in CasperJS.

lixian-cli lixian xunlei cli on casperjs

mocha-casperjs Write CasperJS tests using Mocha

nightmarejs NightmareJS is a means to communicate between a CasperJS runtime and a Node server to allow executing of Node functions and data modification features.

noflo-automaton Automate navigation on the web based on Casper.js

phantomcss A CasperJS module for automating visual regression testing of Web apps, live style guides and responsive layouts.

phantomflow UI testing with PhantomCSS and Decision Trees

phantomxhr Ajax mocking. A SinonJS XHR wrapper for CasperJS.

simonjs The best project ever.

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