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bcat A pipe to browser utility

cascadify Recursively find and concatenates styles specified in package.json.

cat cat will read the contents of an url

Cat4D Cat4D Framework Implementation

catbot arduino remote cat controller

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

catstream Pipe filenames in, get contents out.

catw concatenate file globs, watching for changes

combine-source-map Add source maps of multiple files, offset them and then combine them into one source map

hcat Pipe html into your browser from command line

hubot-business-cat Hubot script that displays `business cat` images

jscat cat cli by node

nyansole Nyancat in ur console!

pipette Stream and pipe utilities for Node

primus-cat `cat` for Primus

scat Pipe your javascripts straight into your browser

source-map-concat Concatenate files with source maps.

thecatapi Browserify modle for

visible Print whitespace and non-ASCII characters in a stream. Like cat -v.

yoke preprocessor that does language agnostic concatenation

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