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assay make assertion functions into boolean tests

atry Asynchronous try-catch based on Node.JS domain module

breakable Break out of functions, recursive or not, in a more composable way than by using exceptions explicitly. Non-local return.

csk-async A simple and powerful async abstraction lib for easily writing Node.js code.

domain-browser Note, this is merely an evented try...catch with the same API as node. Nothing more.

error-catcher error catcher,catch exceptions

jsun Error catching JSON methods. Hides away the try/catch madness for parsing strings and stringifying JSON objects.

remove-catch-require Transform stream to remove require calls from inside a catch{} statement

remove-try-require Transform stream to remove require calls from inside a try{} statement

stackedy Roll your own stack traces and control program execution through AST manipulation

throwandtell ThrowAndTell Error Reporter Client for Node.js

throwify utility to wrap error calling async's into error throwing async's

trycatch An asynchronous domain-based exception handler with long stack traces for node.js

tryor return fn() or default value (in case of exception)

wither a feature-full decorating library for javascript

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