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casper-chai Extends Chai with assertions for CasperJS testing.

casper-flow Expressive end-to-end testing with casperjs

catjs (Mobile) Web Automation Framework

chai BDD/TDD assertion library for node.js and the browser. Test framework agnostic.

chai-adhoc Instantly extend Chai.js and define custom assertions! We provide a simpler API to work with.

chai-as-promised Extends Chai with assertions about promises.

chai-bookshelf Chai assertions for bookshelf-based models

chai-catch-exception A ChaiJs plugin inspired of catch-exception for Java

chai-change Assert that a change you expected to happen, happened, with the chai library

chai-common Chai.js plugin containing commonly used custom assertions

chai-connect-middleware Helpers for testing Connect middleware with the Chai assertion library.

chai-date Date assertions for the Chai assertion library

chai-datetime date / time comparison matchers for chai

chai-extras Additional utility Chai assertions

chai-for-sinon It's Chai with some added assertions for Sinon.

chai-fs Chai assertions for Node.js filesystem

chai-fuzzy fuzzy matchers for chai

chai-highlight Chai.js plugin to highlight values in error messages Chai generates

chai-interface chai assertions about an object's interface

chai-jq An alternate jQuery assertion library for Chai.

chai-js-factories js-factories integration with Chai

chai-json-schema Chai plugin for JSON Schema v4

chai-leaflet Chai assertions to use with Leaflet map apps

chai-locomotive-helpers Helpers for testing Locomotive helpers with the Chai assertion library.

chai-mongoose Mongoose assertions for Chai.js

chai-nodules-helpers nodules-specific assertion helpers for chai

chai-oauth2orize-grant Helpers for testing OAuth2orize grants with the Chai assertion library.

chai-object Object include assertions for the Chai assertion library

chai-passport-strategy Helpers for testing Passport strategies with the Chai assertion library.

chai-properties check partially object properties with chai

chai-resemble Chai helper for visually comparing HTML pages

chai-sentinels Pass sentinel values through your code and assert the results with Chai.

chai-webdriver Build more expressive integration tests with some webdriver sugar for chai.js

express-winston-middleware Winston log wrappers for Express.

finc-chai-helpers A collection of various chai helper functions.

fzkes A faking library

generator-hyper-angular Yeoman generator for AngularJS/Express/node.js apps emphasizing modularity, configuration, and testing

generator-node-mocha-star A node generator for Yeoman with Mocha unit tests and choice of assertion library

generator-test Yeoman based generator that creates a simple mocha/chai TDD scaffold for solving algorithms

grunt-init-grunt-task Create a Grunt Task module with CoffeeScript, Mocha, Chai & Bumber.

grunt-init-node-bin Create a Node.js module with Executable, CoffeeScript, Mocha, Chai & Bumber.

grunt-init-pack grunt-init template to create a project that has Node package and optionally Bower, Component, Jam and/or UMD package. Includes jshint, mocha+chai tests, jsdoc (optionally).

grunt-mocha-chai-sinon MochaJS + ChaiJS + SinonJS Test Runner

http-test-helper A helper for wrapping calls to HTTP APIs during Node/REST API tests.

intern Intern. A next-generation code testing stack for JavaScript.

json-must-eql A must.js assertion helper that uses difflet to output exactly where actual and expected JSONs are not eql

karma-chai Chai for Karma

karma-chai-backbone A karma plugin adapter for matthijsgroen's chai-backbone

karma-chai-factories Chai Factories plugin for Karma

karma-chai-jquery Chai Jquery for Karma

karma-chai-js-factories chai-js-factories plugin for Karma

karma-chai-plugins Chai browser plugins set for Karma

karma-chai-sinon Chai + Sinon-Chai + Sinon for Karma

karma-chai-things Chai Things plugin for Karma

karma-jquery-chai A Karma plugin - adapter for chai-jquery.

karma-sinon-chai Sinon and Chai for Karma

karma-sinon-chai-raynode Sinon and Chai for Karma

landuber-karma-chai-plugins Chai browser plugins set for Karma

mimosa-testem-require A module for integrating test execution via testem and mocha into your Mimosa app

page-chauffeur A cross browser library for writing functional tests using webdriver

promise-testing a utility for testing promise code

salinity Test library from

sinon-chai Extends Chai with assertions for the Sinon.JS mocking framework.

supertest-chai Super-agent driven library for testing HTTP servers with Chai asserts

trap-chai Chai integration for trap testing.

vistar-chai-extensions chai extensions

webdriverjs A nodejs bindings implementation for selenium 2.0/webdriver

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