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enchain Method chaining DSL builder

fluent-async Fluent interface to Async Auto from Caolan

fluid Create fluent interfaces, inline, around any object, allowing simple chained async method calls.

funny Funny, a jolly helper for functions.

futures An async flow-control library for JavaScript (Browser and NodeJS)

gulag Parallell and serial asynchronous job management

gum Small method chaining library

ice-stream An expressive streaming utility for node, inspired by Lo-Dash, Async, and event-stream. Ice-stream goal is to allow for complex processing of streaming data.

nor-fs Asynchronous file system library with chainable Q promises for Node.js

nthen Simple intuitive asynchronous control flow.

obj Object chaining tools

querybuilder Module to create SQL and NoSQL queries.

simple-chainable Simple object for queuing functions one after the other, and creating fluent interfaces

trainwreck Chaining made easy.

underscore.transparent Push Underscore.js and Underscore.string functions to native JavaScript Objects. Yep! You have Sugar JS code styling but with Underscore

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