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autoborg Automatic compilation of changed files, live updates in the browser

changeset Library to diff JSON objects into atomic put and delete operations, and apply change sets to objects. Useful with Levelup/LevelDB object synchronization.

chg simple changelog/release history manager

color-pusher Dynamic color swatch manipulation for changing multiple elements CSS

devwatch File-watcher to run any bash script on file changes

elemst handle the state of an element in the document.

evil-dns Override the IP address returned for one or more domains.

fileswap-stream Write to a writable file-stream that swaps out it's underlying file resources according to swapper and namer functions

frb Functional reactive bindings

fsmonitor Fine-grained cross-platform file system monitoring for Node.js

function-proxy proxy functions to modify arguments or spying

github-changes generate changelog for github repos

grunt-change-scanner Grunt task that scans src files for changes based on RegExp pattern. Found changes are reported into a file with Markdown format.

hdiff Human Readable JSON Diff

modella-change-saved Changed saved event for modella

mold-source-map Mold a source map that is almost perfect for you into one that is.

mongo-oplog-watcher Watch the MongoDB operation log for events

mutable Mutable value interface

ndarray-warp ndarray image warping

nodewatch Simple utility to watch file changes. A file change is a file whom's mtime is changed

noprob Simple file change monitoring for any kind of development.

noprob-api Simple file change monitoring for any kind of development.

onchange Use glob patterns to watch file sets and run a command when anything is added, changed or deleted.

port-switcher-example Change your server's port with an URL parameter

rocambole-node-update Update a rocambole AST node

saw actually working file tree watching library

set-gravatar Change Gravatar profile image from Nodejs

spoof Easily spoof your MAC address in OS X & Linux

transliterator Turn strings that contain cyrillic characters into ascii compliant text

usb-detection List USB devices in system and detect changes on them.

watch-project watch directory change, emit events including create, change, mv, remove, mkdir, mvdir, rmdir as exactly as there is

watchly very simple object watcher using very simple events (evently)

watchman A simple utility to watch files/directories and perform an action when they change.

watchvar A simple utility, which allows you to detect if a variable has changed.

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