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apply-changes Apply Array/Object.observe format changesets to an object.

array-tracker Statefully tracks arrays for additions and deletions.

backlog Node.js module for logging your file changes and even better saving & recovering your code.

chai-changes Change assertions for the Chai assertion library

changed Fetches changes for a given module

changelog Command line tool (and Node module) that generates a changelog in color output, markdown, or json for modules in's registry as well as any public repo.

changes A consistent, fault tolerant CouchDB _changes listener with pre-fetch support

changes-stream Simple module that handles getting changes from couchdb

changeset Library to diff JSON objects into atomic put and delete operations, and apply change sets to objects. Useful with Levelup/LevelDB object synchronization.

CouchDBChanges Write CouchDB Changes Handlers. Easy.

couchmark Wraps couchdb's `follow` to restart at the latest unhandled change.

data-diff a library to get the changes from one object to another

diffpatcher Utilities for diff-ing & patch-ing hashes

difty Compare objets or arrays and get diffs

document-watch watch for atomic changes in a document

eiochanges Sync changes to named stores via

filenotify Watchs a file and emits 'data' events containging new data/lines in file

follow Extremely robust, fault-tolerant CouchDB changes follower

fs-change Monitor changes to specified files or directories, run arbitrary scripts in response.

github-changes generate changelog for github repos

global-couch-stream Readable changes feed stream from all databases.

grunt-git-ref-changed-files Detects which files have changed between two git refs.

less-watch Monitor changes to specified files or directories, run arbitrary scripts in response.

modella-change-saved Changed saved event for modella

mongo-live-collection [Array √] [EventEmitter √] [MongoDB Collection √]

node_restarter Kill/run command on changes to compiled files in or below the current directory.

revision Realtime collaboration tool.

seq-file A module for storing the ever-increasing sequence files when following couchdb _changes feeds.

tail-stream Like 'tail -f' but a stream.

watchjs A utility for watching object changes.

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